Monday, July 29, 2013

One more DOOR!!!!

Hey Family/ Everyone,
How is everyone? How is the ward? How are the missionaries doing in Gilbert? Working hard I hope! It sounds like everyone has been having a pretty good week which is wonderful!!! I am so happy to hear that!

So onto the good stuff- haha kidding! :D So this week has been full of door knocking and eating! Sis. Hunt and I have been working hard on trying to find new investigators. We are finding that there are many different churches here and Mt. Pleasant which is great, but the people aren't too open about talking with us. We actually have made up a song to door knocking. It is called One Door More and it is to the tune of One Day More from Les Mis which is pretty awesome! We've actually made multiple songs! So we've actually had so great experiences this week.
We contacted a man named Ola and he is from Nigeria. One thing awesome about contacting on a campus you meet people from everywhere!! Okay so we actually had a lesson with him on Friday it started really well, until we got to the BoM. He is very faithful to the Bible. He is gone for 2 weeks which will take a tool but we encouraged him to read just a verse a day from the BoM and pray about it. Now it is up to him and his agency and up to us to pray!
Next story! Sis. Hunt and I have set aside like 5 hours of door knocking and we had picked out roads to work on. We started knocking and it didn't feel right so we went back to the car and prayed. We felt like we should go to  another street called Broadway! On Broadway we meet Alison who is 19 and very faithful to her church but actually did a paper on Mormons in high school. She had so many questions it was great. After meeting Alison we felt like we shouldn't be on Broadway so we went back and prayed again, but we then felt we needed to go the different direction on Broadway. We listened and at this point the spirit was really guiding us. We walked all the way down Broadway and then there was a man working on a old fashioned car. This car is 86 years old and it is totally awesome. He has been working on it since he was 11. Okay so we started talking to him and getting to know him a bit. He just stopped drinking and he doesn't know why he is still here in Mt. Pleasant. He has been asking himself lately what is his purpose and all this stuff. We talked to him for about an hour and a half! We taught him about prayer and we gave him the plan of salvation pamphlet to read. Also crazy he lived in Utah for 5 years and attended church all 5 years but was never baptized. He says LDS people are the nicest people he has known. We felt like he is just so prepared and we are so excited to teach him more and answer his questions. We have an appointment on Wednesday so we're getting ready for that.
Well that's the really exciting stuff that happened this week. We are looking forward to this week and meeting more people and finding those people who God has prepared! I love missionary work it is so amazing and such a blessing. I have learned so much and I learn more everyday. I am so grateful to have been called on a mission! I know this will strengthen my future family and my future self. So I'm going to leave you with another challenge! :D Read your scriptures, just a verse a day will make a huge difference! The BoM is great and can answer all your questions. I love studying the scriptures and studying with Sis. Hunt. It is so great to learn from one another. I love you all so much! Keep working hard and remember every member is a missionary!!!!
Love Always,
Sister Smith


Sister Hess, Sister Miranda Smith & President Hess
 Sister Miranda Smith and Sister Hunt

President & Sister Hess with some of the Lansing Mission Missionaries 

Hey Everyone!
So I am serving in Mount Pleasant! It is a little town and it is just so cute and so country looking! The ward here is awesome and are so willing to help us out! Sis. Hunt is my trainer and she has been out for 6 months and I'm like her 3rd trainee. She is so nice, but wants to work hard which is fantastic cause I want to work hard too!! So we were actually white washed! This area hasn't been open to sisters for 6 months to a year so I feel very privileged to be here! My apartment is nice and we actually live across the street from the Zone Leaders so we feel really safe and looked after! So the plane ride was great we had lots of fun flying with almost all my district! We then went to the mission home and we met Pres. Hess and Sis. Hess. They are the sweetest people ever!! I have a very exact obedient mission president which is actually what I wanted so I'm very excited about that! The mission home is so cute and homey! So the first day we got there we went contacting on MSU campus which I loved!! I like that better than door knocking for sure! I hope I can serve on a campus at some point! The next day we went and I met my trainer Sis. Hunt! Everyone said she is a great missionary and it is true she really is! The assistants said we'd be a great companionship! On the first day in Mt. Pleasant we visited less actives well none were home so we went door knocking! We came across Marsha who is awesome! We love her so much! She is our investigator now! Umm... I don't have too much time so I have to finish soon! We have been door knocking everyday which I actually really enjoy you meet tons of people and your faith totally grows! We really hope we can get investigators from this. Them members have already given us referrals which is great!!!! We love referrals! Also there is a lady in the ward who lives on a farm and she grows her own food and everything is fresh! She feeds the missionaries once a week!!!! She also gave um homemade jam and syrup and other homemade goods!!! Yummy!!!
I seriously love it here!!!! There is no place I would rather be than here serving the Lord!! I know this is what I supposed to do! I have already learned so many amazing things and the Lord truly knows each of us! Also I have a challenge for you all! Say family prayer! Prayer is the first step to coming closer to God! He wants to hear us so bad because He loves us so much! I pray like 20 times a day and you really need it! He has done so much for us! Please try and I promise you will notice a difference in your life!!! Okay so my address is Sis. Miranda Smith 1617 Flynn Ln Mt. Pleasant 48858!!! Send Letters!!! I love you all so much!!! Keep working hard and coming closer to Christ!!!
Love Always,
Sis. Smith
Sister Smith & Sister Hunt