Monday, December 9, 2013

We have been so BLESSED!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
This week has been pretty epic!! We have been just so blessed! Sister Whipple and I had so much fun and we are having a great time! 
Monday- It was Sister Whipple's Birthday and we went out and celebrated at Ruby Tuesdays with the other sisters serving in Midland. 
Tuesday- We picked up a new investigator named Andrea. She is 15 and the daughter of our other investigator Eulene! We are hoping that they will help each other progress in the gospel. 
Wednesday- We met a man named Bob and he was a pretty nice guy. He talked to us for a while and then we talked about the spirit world which is always a great topic because so many people are interested in the after life. We actually gave him a tour of the nativities this morning and we gave him a Book of Mormon. We are not sure exactly where it will go, but we know that he has been offered to learn more about the gospel and that is really what we are here to do as missionaries. 
Thursday- We taught Dakota Toronjo! We just love them! Dakota is progressing so well and she is understanding the gospel so much better! She had not concept of God before we met her and now she is understanding the covenants she will make at baptism and it is just so amazing to see the changes that the gospel can bring into someones life. 
Friday- This day was only the most epic day in the history of epicness!!!! On Thursday we received a media referral from church headquarters which does not happen too often, but we got one. This referral came from someone named Ashley and she lived like way out on the boarders of our ward boundaries, crazy thing though we had planned to go up that direction on Saturday, so what we did was just move it up a day. So we do not have a GPS so we had to use a good ole map to find this place and boy was it fun!! Anyways, they Ashley lives in a little cabin by the lake in the middle of like no where. She just got married to her husband Michael. So we got to their house and we did not know really what to expect, but we started to talk about the church and we gave them the restoration lesson. They were so excited to hear about the Book of Mormon. They have been to a ton of churches and have been searching for the right one. We invited them to be baptized and they said yes!!!!!!!! It was amazing!! These two people are so prepared and Sister Whipple and I just feel so blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to teach them! We are so excited!!! 
Saturday- We taught both Austin and Dakota about tithing! It is always fun teaching them. They are both progressing very well and Austin has his baptism coming up soon! He will be baptized hopefully on December 22!! We love them!!!
Sunday- Ashley and Michael came to church!!!!! It was awesome!! We had 4 investigators at  church and it was just amazing!!! They were also able to go through and see all the nativities. They said that they felt really welcomed and that they truly felt the love of Christ here. I was just so happy to hear that!!! 
      Sister Whipple and I are just so grateful for this week and everything that happened. Thank you all for your prayers and your personal efforts in missionary work!! 
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas which is Christ. We all have a Savior who loves us and is there for us. Remember to rely upon the Atonement for anything. We truly have been given the greatest gift from our Heavenly Father and we need to share that with others. I know that as we share the gospel with those we love we will be able to remember the true meaning of Christmas and feel the love of our Savior and those around us. 
I love you all so much and once again thank you for all that you do!! Keep Moving Forward!!!! Also something that I love is Do not be at ease in Zion. Remember that there is much work to be done!! 
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith 

Monday, December 2, 2013

It is Christmas time!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey Family!!!!
What up everyone!!! I hope that you all are doing well and that you are enjoy the new Christmas season! 
Monday- This day was a pretty crazy P-day. We were every where just out and about and I wrote like 6 letters which is the most I have written in a while. We had a pretty great time though. Sister Whipple and I chilled in Meijer for like an hour and we printed out some great pictures of us. 
Tuesday- We went and visited a less active woman named Cheryl and we invited her to the Midland Nativity Exhibit which is this huge thing the wards in Midland put on for the community. They set up like 600 nativities from around the world and you walk through and look at them. I hear the it is so great and that the spirit is really strong there. It is a great way to start off Christmas. Sister Whipple and I also got lost on our way to a dinner appointment because we do not have a GPS. Also when you drive in snow at night is looks like you are driving through space at high speeds which I think is pretty awesome!! 
Wednesday- We have Zone Training!!! I love zone training's!! We talked a lot about having faith, which is something we can always have more of. We also talked about new ways to approach doors like saying we are disciples of Jesus Christ and that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. This gives us more power and authority at door steps which is pretty awesome if you ask me!! We are starting to see a difference already which is really great! 
Thursday- So it snowed on Thanksgiving which is epic!!! Snowflakes actually look the way they are drawn!! I saw my first snow flake!!! So cool!!!! Also we door knocked into this family and they were kind of laughing at us. They told us to wait and they went and got their Grandfather. Their Grandfather then came up to us and looked me dead in the eyes and told me that I was not Christian. I politely told him that we know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, then he told me I was wrong and that I am not a Christian. It was interesting because when he told me that I was not Christian I really stood a little taller and I was not going to be shaken. I know what I know and I will stand up for what I know. Sister Whipple and I walked away from the door and started singing 'I Believe in Christ'. It was one of those doors that help strengthen your testimony about the gospel. We also had Thanksgiving! We ate at a members home and it was so fun because they had a lot of family there and it was like being at home, just with another family. It was wonderful!!
Friday- We had a service project which was fun because we got to tie fleece blankets together for a firehouse. Also Sister Whipple and I were walking home from door knocking and it was like 23 degrees and there we are laughing and having fun. We passed a sign that told us the temperature and I said I never thought I would be this happy and it be this cold. It was pretty great!
Saturday- We walked a ton and my body was sore, but you keep on keepin' on!!! The work must never stop! 
Sunday- Sister Whipple and I were knocking apartments and we met a man named Brett!! We set a return appointment with him and we are so excited to teach him. We did not talk with him long, but he seemed like he was pretty interested so we are looking forward to see where this goes!! 
So for my thought I really want to talk about how God loves all of us. Yesterday in Relief Society we talked about this and something that stood out to me was the tender mercies that we receive from out Heavenly Father to let us know that he is mindful of us. This week Sis. Whipple and I were walking and we were tired and wanted to find a bench. There was no bench in sight so we kept on walking. I said a prayer in my heart just asking to find a bench so we could sit and find a place for us to go door knocking. Well just a few minutes later I look over and there is a bench!!! I was so excited!! It really was a tender mercy from the Lord that there was a bench there. He knew how much I wanted that bench. To some it may seem like a coincidence, but to me it was a witness that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know me as an individual and that they are mindful of our needs. I am so grateful that I have opportunities to recognize Gods hand in my life. My challenge to you is to notice all the little tender mercies that you receive this week and write them down. I promise that you will feel Gods love for you as an individual and you will be happier!!!
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week this week!!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!!
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith    

Midland: This was my last district!!! We decided to take a picture in our Gentile clothing!! Haha missionaries, we are hilarious!! 

                                                           Look it is my zone!!!! 
Look it is super cold!!! 

Look I dunked the ball!!! 

I am so Cool!

We found them at Target for like 3 bucks!! 

We had a nerf gun war with our district and we totally killed it, but we were the only ones with guns!!! HaHa!! 

First day of snow!!! 

It's a winter wonderland here!!!

Hey everyone!!! 
Sorry I wasn't able to email last week, the power went out because of a huge storm and we were unable to email for a long time. 
So last week there was a big storm so we had to have dinner by candle light at a members home, it was pretty awesome. We got a sweet video of it!! We aren't fully sure if it was a tornado or what, but all I know is that power was out for some people for like 4 days and it was freezing. 
So for this week!!! 
Monday: The power was out so we went and chilled at the mall for a while and then the church got power so we went over to the church and had a nerf war with our district. Sister Whipple and I totally dominated because we were the only ones with nerf guns! Haha!! :D 
Tuesday: We went and saw our investigator Eulene! She is great. She has two little kids and they are just so cute. Sometimes it is a little hard though to have lessons because they are so distracting. We are trying to figure out a way to make them better and more spiritual. Also we had dinner at Olive Garden so I got to eat yummy bread sticks and I got left overs which is great as a missionary cause then you have to buy less food! 
Wednesday: So Wednesday I was sick so we didn't really do much. We sat in our apartment and watched all the videos that are approved. Also Sister Whipple made me chicken noodle soup!!! :D 
Thursday: We had a lesson with our investigator Dakota. She is 14 and I just love her. She is so funny and acts just like a 14 year old. It makes me really enjoy teaching, but then realize how much work it will be, but it will be rewarding for sure. We are really trying to make the lessons interactive because it keeps their attention better and we like giving those lessons! 
Friday: We had a lesson with Ben. This last week Ben told us that he didn't want to be baptized which is super sad cause Sister Whipple and I were just so excited for him and we really see him as our brother. We were able to set up this lesson with him and see why he no longer wanted to be baptized. It was the first lesson where Sister Whipple and I were really bold. The thing is though it was all out of love! We love Ben so we want him to have what we have and enjoy the blessings. We have another lesson with him this week so we hope it goes well! 
Saturday: So we were out door knocking and we met this super nice woman, but she told us straight up that our religion is made up and that it isn't true. It was pretty sad to hear because I have a testimony and I know that this can bless her life and she isn't ready to accept it. I have found that when people tell me that I'm being told lies and that I should rethink what I have been taught and have come to know is true that is only gives me the opportunity to solidify my testimony of the gospel! I know this church is true and I know it blesses people's lives! 
Sunday: So we had a lesson with Austin and it was awesome! It was the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and we were able to make it an object lesson! We played Hot and Cold to show how the Holy Ghost speaks to us and we were able to check his understanding. I just love giving these lessons. It is hard to teach teenagers, but it really is so fun! 
Oh side note Sister Whipple and I were at a dinner appointment and members from the ward needed to be some where and so they left. Just like a minute after they left they came in and said "We hit the Sister's car". They had backed up into our car. Sister Whipple and I laughed. We're like "we are prepared for this!" I love that the mission is just so prepared for everything! I get to learn so much about being prepared for anything that may come!!! 
So I've been able to read a few conference talks and study them and it is wonderful. When I got conference it was like getting a Christmas present!! I loved it!!! I really just want to challenge all of you to read a conference talk and really study it. Take notes in the margins, highlight things you enjoy and really get something out of these talks. They are modern day scripture and can teach us so many things. I know that as we take time to study these talks and apply the things we learn that we will be able to have our testimonies strengthened and that we will be more confident in sharing the gospel with others!! 
I love you all so much and I hope that you are enjoying the nice warm weather! Oh did I tell you it snowed, well it did and it is cold, but I am still loving it!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and don't forget that you are all amazing people who are loved!!! 
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith :D 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Michigan Storms!!!

I am pretty much out of time for emails and I'm so sorry!!! We didn't have internet for a while and we also didn't have any power to the church for a while either because a storm that happened last night. I will write you and everyone next week. I love you all so much and I will have a lot to tell you next week because it will be two full weeks! Oh also do you remember me writing about Cassie and investigator from Mt. Pleasant, well she was baptized this last weekend!!!! Yeah!! Super exciting. I didn't go to the baptism though. Well I must go!! I love you and have a wonderful week!! 
Love Always, 

Sister M. Smith 

Hola Family!!!!

Hey Family!!! 
Well this week has been pretty awesome and we are enjoying the lovely weather here in Midland, Michigan! We had a wonderful Stake Conference with Elder Golden this week and we have just been so blessed by our Heavenly Father! 
Monday: Well fun story! Sister Whipple and I get the opportunity to email in the family history center along with the rest of our district which makes for a very exciting emailing session! Our district is so funny and I just love them all and it is going to be so sad when transfers come! We love them! 
Tuesday: We got kicked out of a place for proselyting which is pretty lame, but it is okay. We also had dinner with this awesome family who lives way out in the middle of the no where, but we had burgers and I just love eating burgers. We also had a lesson with Eulene and we are still trying to figuring out where she is at spiritually and we really hope that we might be able to help her set a baptismal date. She has made a few dates and hasn't reacted them so we are really having to rely on the spirit which is something we always should be doing. 
Wednesday: We taught Ben a lesson and the lesson was the Law of Chasity! That lesson is always so fun to teach! Luckily Ben had already read like all about it in the Gospel Principles book so that is pretty great and makes for a more understandable lesson. He also is reading the Book of Mormon everyday which is awesome! It's so great to see the progression that Ben has made over this last transfer! 
Thursday: Oh man I was on trade offs with Sister Hunt!!! I love being able to serve with her for a day!! We were pretty much finding the entire time, but it seriously was so much fun! It was like we hadn't even been apart for weeks! I was also able to learn from her which is pretty awesome cause she trained me! We used a method called C.A.S.H which is to compliment, ask a question, smile, and offer help! It totally works! It makes people so much more open to talking with us! I love finding! I think it is so fun getting to know more people and that they are all from different backgrounds which is pretty epic if you ask me!! I love Sister Hunt and finding!
Friday: We had a dinner which a family and they were celebrating their daughters 7th birthday and the theme was cowgirls and it was awesome and I loved it! There was great cake too! We also had a lesson with Dakota and she set a baptismal date which is great!!! Her date is February 22 and we had a great lesson with her!! 
Saturday: We had the adult session of Stake Conference and Ben was able to come and meet Elder Golden! the conference was about missionary work and a recent convert who I got to teach, Devin, was asked to come up and talk about his conversion. Then everyone who was part of his conversion had to come up and it showed how not one person effects the life but many are need to help the work move forward! It was really awesome and Devin is a great person so it was awesome to see that! 
Sunday: We got a new Stake Presidency here! The bishop from mount pleasant is the new stake president and i know his two counselors! I've eaten dinner at all the of the stake presidencies houses! It was pretty awesome cause I can't completely remember getting a new stake presidency so it was really cool seeing that!!! Isn't this gospel just so true!!!! 
Okay so Elder Lansing gave a talk at stake conference and he gave us 4 steps to sharing the gospel with others and I'd like to share those with all of you! When asked a question about the gospel these are the steps to replying to their question. 
1) Say thank you
2) Give a simple answer
3) Give a soft testimony
4) Invite them to come back with other questions
Isn't it crazy how simple that sounds, but when it actually come to sharing the gospel it is so much harder! I have such a testimony of sharing the gospel. I must admit I was not the best at sharing before my mission, but as I prayed for opportunities they came and as soon as I opened my mouth it was filled D&C 84:85 and D&C 11:21! I rely on this promise all the time! I know that I am weak and I need to rely on the faith that I do have that as I do what I am asked the lord will fulfill his promise, D&C 82:10! Aren't scriptures just great! I love them! I know that as we share the gospel we will be blessed and have great joy, D&C 18: 10, 15-16! 
Have a wonderful week and I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel and praying for missionary opportunities! 
Love Always, 
Sister Miranda Smith 

5220 Hedgewood #804  Midland, MI 48640

This one is of me and all the other sister smiths in the mission! Super funny that we were all in the same 1/2 mission! 

This one is of my mount pleasant family! that is my ward mission leader and his wife! Tommy and Chelsea May! 

This is my Mt. Pleasant family who I just love! 

pretty scenery 

Pretty Rainbow cause it rains here so much! 

Me and Sister Whipple bowling! So fun! We're bad at bowling, but that's okay! 

My wall in front of my desk. I love it! 

I bought a cactus because I love them and it was pretty! It reminded me of home! 

Me all ready for the cold weather! Getting bundled! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hola!!! Four Months baby!!!

Hey Family and Friends,
I hope everyone is doing well and that they enjoy the holiday festivals! 
Monday: I wrote letters and I was able to spend some time with my district cause we are all in Midland which is totally awesome! It is super fun serving close in our area cause it makes the district closer! 
Tuesday: Sister Whipple and I have been doing tons of finding this week which has been a different experience. We have been trying to find ways to work on our Door Knocking skills. We are really just trying to stay positive and keep moving and doing the Lord's work in the Lord's time. 
Wednesday: We had dinner with a family and they invited a friend over which is awesome! We were able to teach her about the restoration! She isn't really too interested but that is okay someday she will be! Also the food there was great! The members here in Midland feed us so well it is crazy!! I am totally going to need to exercise more! Haha!! 
Thursday: Happy Halloween!!! We had interviews with President Hess! I love when I get to see President! He always helps me feel better about things and he is so great! We also had district meeting!! I love learning from other missionaries because they know exactly what we are going through! My district leader is awesome also! He has only been a member for 2 years! He has been a full time missionary for more time than he's been a regular member! So cool!!! Also we made homemade pizza for dinner which is awesome! Oh and we raked leaves which has actually been like the first time I've raked leaves and they were wet which made them heavier, so it was a great work out! 
Friday: We went and saw Eulene. She is our investigator and she is awesome! Missionaries have been working with her before I even went on my mission and she has had like 3 baptismal dates, but I have faith that she will be baptized! She has a 17 month old and a 2 month old so her house is very busy. Our lessons are usually short because she has to be moving around with her kids, but she is great! 
Saturday: We attended a wedding and a baptism!!! Ben was able to come to the baptism which is great because it is always good when investigators get the chance to see a baptism before they are baptized. The wedding was for our investigator Robert! It was actually the first time I met Robert and he seems like a great guy and that he really wants the gospel. We have really been blessed with such great people to teach.
So for my spiritual thought! So I love the story about Christ asking Peter if he loves him. Elder Holland talks about this story in one of his talks and he tells it wonderfully! So the reason I love this is because it says "If ye love me feed my sheep!" If we truly love Christ we will feed his sheep. Every single time I hear this phrase I think about how much I want to show Christ that I love him and how much I need to work at being a better missionary. I know I have much to work on and improve, but I love my Savior and I want to show him that I do by feeding his sheep! The story is in John chapter 21 and you can hear Elder Holland talk about it. I just love that story so much! 
I love you all and I hope that you are doing well and enjoying life! Keep being great member missionaries!!!!! 
Love Always,

Sister M. Smith 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Fun!!!! Go Missionary Work!!!!!

Hey family and Friends,
How is it going?? It is cold and rainy and hailing here, but it is still so much fun!! Only as a missionary can you ride a bike in rain, sleet and hail and still have a smile on your face!! By the way hail hurts... :D 
So this week has been pretty everywhere, but as a missionary you don't really have normal weeks. 

Monday: We went bowling on P-Day! It was super fun and we are all pretty bad at bowling! That's okay though because we are better missionaries then we are bowlers. 

Tuesday: We went finding a lot on Tuesday which is pretty awesome. We also had a great lesson with our investigator Ben! He is now on good terms with the Bishop which is awesome because not many people get that! 

Wednesday: We went finding and we met this really nice lady who has like no religious background, but has the kindest heart. She was so sincere and she is so close to having the gospel in her life! She really needs it! Her name is Josie and she was so kind to us!! Finding people always brings such different experiences, some good some bad, but the good ones always stick out more! 

Thursday: We had a lesson with a woman named Francine. She really knows missionaries and knows quite a bit about the church. She is super faithful and loves missionary work. She believes in prophets and that the Book of Mormon is more scripture to us. She wants us to come back tomorrow and talk to her grandchildren about being ladies which is pretty awesome! 

Friday: We had a lesson with Ben again and this lesson we totally fantastic!! I loved it! It's lessons like these why being a missionary is so wonderful! So our lesson with Ben was about the Godhead and the spirit was so strong during the lesson. Sister Whipple was asking wonderful, inspired questions and we invited Ben to be baptized and he said yes without hesitation. This is huge because we have invited Ben multiple times and he has always had a concern and this time he didn't!!! We were also able to promise him the blessings that his family would still love him and care about him and that they would accept the gospel and be baptized! It was so amazing to feel the spirit work through you! I was hesitant to tell him the promise, but the spirit pretty much forced it out! It was really cool to see that happen and be a part of it! Ben has a set baptism date of December 1st so pray for him that he will make it and that his family will be okay with his decision! 

Saturday: We had a meal with the Lovells who are awesome member missionaries! They are so awesome! They are always wanting to help the missionary work move forward!! They are examples of what I want to be when I get home! 

Sunday: Ben came to church!!!!!! This is huge for Ben!! Missionary work is so rewarding! We've had a really great week and we have also had a hard week, but when you look at the positive side everything is so much better!!! Count your blessings, right?? 
Well have a wonderful week!!!
Love Always, 
Sister Smith

Sister Smith's Address:

5220 Hedgewood #804  Midland, MI 48640

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cold Has Come!!!!

Hey there Family and Friends!
   Well let me tell you, I was not prepared for this cold! HaHa! This wind chill is fantastic and it makes you feel so alive!!!! HaHa! It's all about the attitude :D! 
Well anyways... this week has been another great week!

Monday: Sister Whipple and I had a wonderful time rearranging the apartment to make it a little bit more roomy. I'm telling you missions give you so many life experiences it is crazy. We also went shopping and did all of our P-Day chore things. Oh my goodness 6 quarters for a load of laundry and that is just for the washing and lets not forget another 6 for drying. Maybe this is normal, but if it is, they are robbing America of quarters. Like I said many like experiences. Haha! I love it!

Tuesday: I got to have dinner with a wonderful member who took us to Ruby Tuesdays. I have missed yummy hamburgers like that. Also don't worry I am being feed so much... I will never go hungry again....

Wednesday: We taught our investigator Ben. I just have so much hope for Ben! I know that this gospel will bless his life! He just has a few things that he needs to over come with the Saviors help, but I really can see that potential he has.

Thursday: We had Zone Training! I love when the zone gets together. It is like seeing your extended family after a few months, even though we see each other more often than that. I got to see Sister Hunt and Elder Hamelin, my Mt. Pleasant family, which was awesome! In our zone training we talked about how we can become more diligent missionaries; which came just in time for the cold weather for Sister Whipple and I. She is from St. George where it is also warm, so winter will be so fun! We also talked about how important church is for us and for our investigators. Zone training's are a great way to see what you can improve on!

Friday: We had dinner with an investigator and made yummy Halloween cupcakes! It was so much fun and we really enjoyed spending that time with our investigator and her kids. We have been working with her for a long time and we really hope that she will keep progressing.

Saturday: Sister Whipple and I did a lot of finding that day... and it was a pretty good experience. We really had to show diligence, but we were able to meet a really nice woman who has had wonderful experiences with the LDS community.

Sunday: I got to see President and Sister Hess!! They came to our ward and it was so great to see them. Seeing them is like seeing your parents! I just love them so much and it was a great surprise to see them!
So for my thought today, I'd really like to talk about a talk called "His Grace Is Sufficient" This is an amazing talk given by Brad Wilcox. It is in the September Ensign I believe. I would recommend reading it and studying it. Like actually study it and think about how it pertains to your life. I actually did it for some of my study this morning and it was great. So that's actually what my thought of the day is. If you do it, you won't regret it! :D
Have a wonderful week everyone!!! Remember Every member is a missionary!!! Keep Moving Forward!
Love Always,

Sister M. Smith 

Onward to Midland!

Hey Family and Friends!!!
    I have been transferred to Midland! It is different and a lot bigger than my little Mt. Pleasant. There are a ton of trees it is crazy!!! I do miss Mt. Pleasant and Sister Hunt, but my work there was done and now I have work to do in Midland. It is hard don't get me wrong, but I really have to put my trust in the Lord because he knows better than me. Sister Whipple is great and I am going to enjoy serving with her. The ward is also very great and they love missionary work. I also get fed like all the time!!! Sometimes twice a day. I'm definitely going to need to exercise more.
    ROBERT WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! I was able to attend Robert's baptism! It was so exciting and I just love the feeling I got while I was there. I am so excited to see him progress and move forward in the gospel! He is a wonderful man and he is and will be very blessed.
Monday: I packed all my stuff, which was a lot. Luckily I was not on the transfer van or else I'd probably would have had to leave some things behind. It was a good last day in Mt. Pleasant. We had a good time and we made cookies like we did every Monday!
Tuesday: Transfers!!!! I was transferred to Midland. It was really sad, but happy. I still get to see the people I love cause I'm not too far away and I'm still in the same zone. It was Elder Webb's last day and it was sad to see him go, but luckily he was able to make to Robert's baptism on Saturday with his family.
Wednesday: We drove a lot on Wednesday. I learned that budgeting miles is hard when your area is big and you have a lot of people out in the boonies, but you learn as you go. Hopefully we don't run out of miles by the end though or else that would be not good.
Thursday: We knocked into a woman named Carole Kiminski and we have a lot of hope for her. Her husband died about 10 years ago and she is still having a hard time with it. She kept wonderful if there was an afterlife and we just kept bearing testimony that there was. We are planning on seeing her this week and following up. We really want to meet with her!
Friday: We had a lesson with Ben Nowack and he is 22 years old. Sister Hunt and Sister Whipple actually door knocked into him while on trade offs like first transfer. He has some walls up that needs to ask Heavenly Father to help take down, but I really feel that he has so much potential. I really feel like he is seeking for the truth and this is where he can find it. The spirit will really have to work with him and with us, but i have faith that he will move forward and progress.
Saturday: I went to Robert's baptism!!! Yeah!!! It was amazing!! I was so happy, nothing really can describe the feeling of knowing you were tool in the Lord's hand helping to bring this person to their Savior and Heavenly Father. He is be awesome!!!
Sunday: We walked a lot to save on miles because we are running short. It was also my first day in the new ward. It is crazy being in a new ward. You have to meet more people and everything like that, but it is an opportunity to get to know more of my brothers and sisters. It is going to be great working in Midland!
      So for my spiritual thought. The Lord really helps us as we pray for it. I've really had to pray for help to get used to the new area and the new ward and I have really started to rely more on my Savior in helping me to over come my weaknesses. I have such a desire to serve in this area with all my heart, might, mind and strength. My heart can't be in Mt. Pleasant. I've really learned that the Lord will help us in our righteous desires. Prayer is such an amazing thing and it really bring me great comfort to know that I have a Heavenly Father who hears them and who cares about me. I know that the Lord knows each and everyone of us and knows how to succor (run to the aid of) us. I feel so blessed to have a knowledge of these things and that I get to share that knowledge with others.
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith 

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference!!!!

Hey Everyone!
I hope all are doing well this fine week! I hope that everyone was able to listen into General Conference! So transfer calls were on Friday and I found out that I am being sent to Midland which is 26 miles from Mount Pleasant and I am in the same Zone! I get to go on trade offs with Sister Hunt because she is my Sister Training Leader and we get to have meeting together so I will have the opportunity to see her often and she will call me every week to see how we and the area are doing! My new companion's name is Sister Whipple and she is awesome! She has an amazing testimony. She and I cam out the same time and we have worked with one another on trade offs so it is nice already knowing who I am going to be serving with! It'll be a great transfer!
Monday: We ate the Melton's, a family in the ward, and we ate Philippine food! It was pretty good. They also have little kids and they had their pokemon cards out so I got to talk pokemon with Elder Webb, Ben (10) and Spencer (7). It was a great conversation! Kids are the best. I'm pretty sure I'm a kid at heart! :)
Tuesday: I was actually in Midland, so the place where I will be serving the next 6 weeks! I was with Sister Whipple, so my new companion. Midland is such a gorgeous place especially with all the changing leaves. I hear wonderful things about the ward and area there also so I am excited to serve there!
Wednesday: So being on a campus has it's ups and downs. One of the ups is that we got to go to a philosophy club and talk about the gospel with them! It was so cool! I didn't say too much, but I did bear some testimony which is always a good thing. The Elders were also there with us so it was cool to see them explain the gospel. It was interesting teaching/explaining the gospel to people who don't really believe there is a god. It was a good testimony builder that this is the true gospel and that we do have a loving Heavenly Father who knows us!
Thursday: We did service and helped paint a member's garage. That is always fun! We also had a lesson with Cassie! Cassie is our investigator who is 18 and she is just searching for truth. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. This lesson went so well and the spirit was really guiding it. We read the scripture Mosiah 24:15-16 and that really hit her. We then asked her to be baptized! She has a baptismal date for November 2nd! We are just so excited for her!
Friday: We had transfer calls and we also went to this BBQ at a member's house! It was great! There were so many people there from the ward and it was great food! It was raining though which is a bummer, but the kids loved it! Robert also came which is great! It is great seeing him become more comfortable with the ward members.
Saturday: General Conference!!!!! GC is pretty much like Christmas for missionaries! I was looking forward to it all week!!! I just love love love the insight that we are able to get from GC! The leaders are so inspired and they truly love all of us and the Lord!
Sunday: Another wonderful day!!! I love knowing that we have a prophet on the earth today who is here to help us become closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father.

The spirit is the best teacher. The Holy Ghost is what helps teach to your needs and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful gift! It really is a gift from our Heavenly Father and I pray that I will be able to listen to the promptings given to me and do what I have been asked to do, not just as a missionary, but for the rest of my life. The Holy Ghost really is a guide and can give us strength and comfort when we need it most. It saddens me that I took it for granted a lot of my life and especially when I needed him most, but I am grateful that we have the chance to change and become better each and everyday. I love you all so much and I hope that we can all listen to the still small voice that is there to teach us and guide us along our paths. Have a wonderful week!
Love Always,
Sister Miranda Smith 
P.S My new address will be: 5220 Hedgewood #804  Midland, MI 48640

      I will be transferred tomorrow morning! :D

They took these Pictures this morning :) October 7, 2013


"Silly Sisters"

Sister Smith & Sister Hunt :)

No Car Week!!!!

Dear family and friends!!!
How are all of ya'll doing?? I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying every day! This week has been an adventure just like every other week!
Monday: We had a lesson with Robert and it went well! We watched talks from last session of General Conference! It went really well and we are just so excited for Robert and we pray that he will keep progressing and feeling the spirit!!!
Tuesday: Sister Hunt and I drove to Midland... again. We also gave up our car Hona. It was a sad departure. Hona was such a great car. She was so great at getting us to the places that we needed to go. We've really missed her.
Wednesday: FIRST DAY ON BIKES!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Sister Hunt and I had to bike to the church and get to district meeting. Oh yeah biking in skirts isn't the most pleasant thing you can do... Oh funny story! On our bike ride back from a lesson I was riding my bike and these bikes are kind of old and rusty, well I went up this tiny hill and my handle bars came off my bike!!! It was so funny! I fell off my bike and into some dirt! Luckily a nice older gentleman saw and he put the handle bars back on. I feel pretty bad though cause after I fell we called the Elders and Elder Webb had had a dream the night before that one of us got hit by a car while biking. So when Sister Hunt called saying I had fallen he started to feel really bad, but no worries everyone is good and I only have a few bruises. Latter that night we also had an awesome lesson with a girl names Sarah! She is willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it!
Thursday: Sister Hunt and I had apartment checks. Lets just say ours was super clean and we got a star! Woo-Hoo! It's great to be clean and organized!
Friday: We had a lesson with a girl named Cassie! We just love her! She is so prepared to receive the gospel at this time! She has been struggling and she is learning to pray and ask questions and for help! It is awesome and we really look forward to teaching her more and hope that she progresses!!!
Saturday: The elders are running low on miles so this day we did bike trade-offs. The elders got the bikes this day so that lead to Sister Hunt and I walking 9 miles. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it does take a lot of time from your day to walk places. We were also able to go to the RS Meeting! It was amazing! Wasn't it!! If you weren't able to watch it, I recommend taking some time to watch it cause it will really bless your life and your family's!
Sunday: Sister Hunt and I walked to church and while we did we sang hymns the entire way! It was pretty fantastic!!! We also had an investigator named Alexis come to church even though her friends and family don't really approve! Sad, but awesome at the same time.

So for my spiritual thought. In district meeting we learned that what we believe effects our behavior which will reflect our experiences. This is so true especially as a missionary. What you believe and your attitude towards it really effects how things turn out. I know that as we have positive beliefs about ourselves, work and others that it will effect our lives in a more positive way! is a sweet diagram that Sister Hunt made to show the correlation! Isn't she just the best! :D
Keep doing great work and don't forget 'Every Member a Missionary" Pres. David O. McKay!
Love Always,
Sister Miranda Smith

* Sorry I couldn't pull up their diagram.... 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The work is moving FORWARD!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
    I hope that everyone had a great week and is enjoying their time where ever they maybe! I have been so blessed this week and I am so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who loves each and everyone of us!!
Monday: I put together a puzzle that has an old 1957 GMC on it. It was blue and I love it. I took a picture. The better part of the day though was that Sister Hunt and I were able to have a lesson on baptism with Robert, with Bro. May! It was a really good lesson and we are so excited to see Robert progressing so well! We committed him to pray about what he should do when it comes to baptism.
Tuesday: While Sister Hunt and I were driving to Midland for trade-offs we sang Karaoke to the piano song Waterfall by John Schmit. It was pretty awesome! We sang about our district and each other. I just love Sister Hunt! She and I get along so well!!!
Wednesday: We met a lady while door knocking who said she would take us all the way up to Mackinaw Bridge! President Said no of course, but it was pretty awesome that she would do that for us!
Thursday: We had half mission training!!!! I got to see my companion for the MTC!! And I also got to see to Elders from my MTC district. They are all doing well and loving their missions also. Training is good, but bad all at the same time. It is good because you get so motivated to do everything and become a better missionary, but then you realize how much you need to improve on and what you can do better which is always a lot. I just hope that I can use what I learned and help build God's kingdom. I love being taught by people who love the Lord and follow the spirit it is so amazing being surrounded by people who all have the same goal as you! Missionary work is that best!!!!
Friday: I gave toilet paper that I received in my package to the elders all tied together with ribbon and with a bow so it looked like a wreath. It was pretty awesome! That is what missionaries do for fun! haha! Also Hannah Griffin a YSA fed us in her dorm cafeteria thing! It was awesome! We were able to eat however much we wanted! It reminded Sister Hunt and I of the MTC except a lot less missionaries. It was fun being able to eat with someone our age, she also brought her boyfriend Devin who is the recent convert I talked about last week! We love them both so much! They both have the missionary work fire burning in them which is awesome!!!!
Saturday: So the college does this thing called chalking which is where you chalk out events and stuff like that. Hannah, Devin, Sister Hunt and I all decided it would be a fantastic idea to chalk the plan of salvation. We did and it was pretty awesome!! We weren't able to stand next to it and answer people's questions cause we had an appointment, but hopefully it gets people thinking. We also chalked visit a lot of places. We also got to watch the Restoration twice. I love the story of Joseph Smith. He is an example to me of loving God and doing as he has commanded us, but he was not perfect and made mistakes so it makes me feel like I can do great things even though I am imperfect.
Sunday: This day was the Primary Program!!!!! I love little children!! They are so adorable and I love their innocence. A little boy who is like 9 or 10 played the song "I like to Look for Rainbows" which is a song about baptism on his violin and he did amazing!!! It brought the spirit so strong it was amazing!!! Cool story, so I was going to give the lesson in Gospel Principles on Missionary Work, but during sacrament meeting I felt like I should teach the Plan of Salvation. Well that lead me to freak out because I didn't have that planned out, but I couldn't deny that the spirit told me to teach the Plan of Salvation. So I asked Sister Hunt to teach with me and she said yes, that was at the beginning of sacrament. At the end of sacrament she told me she had the thought to have me teach with Elder Hamelin. Well that is interesting. Well we taught together and it was just the lesson that was needed for our investigator Robert!!!!! Robert set his baptismal date for October 12th!!!!!! We are so excited for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope that he can keep progressing and hit this goal!!!!
Never give up and always keep moving forward. Things will happen in the Lord's time and we need to have the faith that it will happen! I've been able to see this in this week! I love the Lord and I am so grateful that I get to be out here doing his work.
I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week and that you are able to notice God's hand in your lives!!!!!
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith 

Sister Miranda Smith's Address in Mount Pleasant:
1617 Flynn Ln. Apt B
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

or email her at

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Getting Colder!!!!!

Hey Family and Friends!!!!
    I hope all is well with everyone. So this week has been a little crazy! Sister Hunt and I have been going on trade offs like mad women! We were apart 4 nights this week! Which is a bummer when you have an awesome companion like Sister Hunt! I've learned a lot though so it's okay. This week has been pretty cold! Today it is like 50 degrees!! It's turning into FALL!!!! Woo-Hoo!! 
So last Monday Sister Hunt and I went to Goodwill and found the best cookie jar ever! Sister Hunt and I thought it would be a wonderful gift to give the Elders because they like cookies. So we made them Chocolate Chip pumpkin cookies and we gave them like 24 and filled their cookie jar up! Haha! we also gave them chicken squares! It's hard though when you cook for Elder Webb cause his dad is a chef so you're always hoping that your food doesn't taste gross. Our cookies and chicken squares were approved! Woo-Hoo! HAHA! so Tuesday, I was in Midland on trade offs. It was so weird being in a different area! Funny story a dog followed us the entire time we were door knocking and it came up to every door with us! It was pretty crazy if you ask me! On Wednesday we did trade backs in the morning and had to make it back in time for District Meeting! I love my district they are awesome! I enjoy spending time with them and learning how to be a better missionary from them and the spirit! On Thursday sister Hunt and I taught a lesson with a member named Devin Brenann and he was baptized a little over a week ago. He is awesome!!! He is 20 and is planning on going on a mission! He will be an amazing missionary and I'm so glad we go to talk with him and have him at our lesson! Friday, I was on trade offs with Sister Kane! She is the other Sister Training Leader! We went to get the delicious bread we had last time and it is still delicious! Saturday we did early morning trade backs and that was a little frustrating, early morning trade backs are not very fun, but I did get Sister Hunt back so it's always a plus! We were also able to do service for a less-active member which is awesome! We love service!!!!!!! Sunday we went to church and Robert was there!!!! Yeah!!!!! We love Robert!!! We are hoping to set a baptismal date with him today!! We are excited to see what happens!!!
So my spiritual thought is going to be about faith! so I'm reading in Alma which has a lot of wars between the Nephites and the Lamanites. The Nephites always defeat the Lamanites when they  look towards their God and have faith that He will deliver them from the hands of the Lamanites! As we put our faith in God and turn to him not just when we need him, but always, he will help us especially when we are going through trials. Alma 32 and Ether 12 are great chapters on faith and I would challenge you to read at least one of these chapters this week! I have a testimony of faith and how having faith in our Savior Jesus Christ can help us through our trials and we can receive strength to over come them. There is a quote that I enjoy very much "God will either lighten our load or strengthen our backs." I love you all very much and hope that you enjoy the rest of your week!!
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith 

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Book of Mormon Arrives!

Hey Everyone!!!!
So the title of my email has a funny story! We were door knocking and this man opens the door says "the Book of Mormon arrives"! then he proceeds to tell us how excited he is to go and see The Book of Mormon the musical! HaHa I love people!
So anyways... I hope that everyone is doing well and that the rain in AZ isn't hindering anyone's happiness! So lets see... Monday was good I got to buy a new sweatshirt that supports MSU! Tell Rose that I am sorry i didn't buy a U of M one...  On Tuesday I was on a trade off, just for the day though. Since Sister Hunt is an STL she had to go to a meeting so I was with Sister Whipple! I came out with Sister Whipple and she is awesome! I adore her! And she has a testimony that can bring down walls just like when Alma and Amulek were in the jail! It is epic!!! We were on campus pretty much all day and it was great! We got a little sun burned though.   Wednesday, we had zone training which is something new to our mission. This meeting is where the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders teach us what they learned in their meetings the day before! It was awesome! I love the leaders in my zone! Oh fun fact: Sister Hunt loves words and dictionaries so it has rubbed off on me. We learned that the definition of love is to highly value something or someone. We now like to say "we highly value you"! We enjoy it very much! Well anyways, the meeting was great and we set the goal as a zone to have 60 baptisms by the end of the year which means 4 per companionship! We are all excited to reach this goal!!!   Thursday, We were able to teach Robert! He is doing well and still progressing. We are still praying that he will set a date for baptism so he can have a visual goal. He is busy though cause he is back in school so we are trying to let him know that as he puts God first he will be blessed.   Friday, We were on campus pretty much all day which is great, but sadly we didn't really get to teach many people. We did get to go to a YSA activity though which is pretty sweet if you ask me! Saturday, Sister Hunt and I Door Knocked a lot and had a nice conversation with two college girls who were super nice and unfortunately one is moving or else she would have liked to learn more! Also Saturday we went to Sister Lori Martin's house! I got to do service which is awesome! Sister Hunt and I got to dig up a ton of Iris flowers while the elders killed their chickens! Also I got the opportunity to kill a chicken!! Poor chicken... but I killed it in one swing so not a big deal. Haha Elder Webb missed his first swing and totally made the chicken freak out! Also now I truly understand the saying "like a chicken running with their heads cut off". I hope that none of you think less of me for killing a chicken.   Sunday, we got to eat at the May's house. That is our ward mission leader. He is great and I love his family. They have a little boy named Zach who I adore and he gives me fist bumps all the time! Well that is the highlights of this week! Now to the spiritual thought!
So we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how important it is in the conversion of our investigators. It is also very important in the process of converting ourselves. It took me a very long time to read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of it. Once I finished reading the Book of Mormon I did as Moroni suggests and prayed with real intent to know if the book was true. I received my answer and gained a knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true, that I have a Savior and that Joseph Smith was prophet of God. Since then I have learned to love the Book of Mormon. It is my favorite book! It holds so many answers and we can truly come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ by reading it. I have a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it can change lives because it has changed mine. If you haven't gotten the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon and come to the knowledge of it's truthfulness for yourself, I challenge you to do so. It will change your life and your outlook on life! It will bring so much happiness and joy in your life that you cannot get or experience anywhere else. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I leave you these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love Always,
Sister Smith
                                        So the first photo is my awesome tan lines on my feet!!! 
                                        That's what you get for walking on campus 4 hours a day.
Sister Miranda Smith's Sun Burn and Missionary Toes- so much for pedicures

Sister Miranda Smith and Sister Melissa Hunt- This is us after the awesome rain storm that we had to run through and Look how clean we are keeping our apartment!

Sister Hunt and I tried to make a smoothy..... the blender wasn't well put together...

Sis. Hunt frustrated with her smoothy cause the terrible mess it made!

I'm so excited to have a smoothy!!!!!! Haha these make me laugh so much!

Don't we look great! 
We ran to the bath tub once we got into our apartment because we were soaking wet!!
Best day of the mission so far!!!!

This was at a door we were about to knock... we didn't end up knocking it

It's all in God's time!

Hey!!! How is everyone in good ole AZ doing? Well and everyone everywhere else? I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your lives.
Hummm..... This week has been totally awesome!!!!! I love missionary work!!! Boo Ya!! So on Monday Sister Hunt and I got to play basketball and well let me tell ya we are the bee's knees! Together we pretty much make the best NBA team ever! Our team's name is the cookie monsters and my name is Snicker Doodle (Snickers for short). Sis. Hunt is BP. We take every moment to enjoy life! Tuesday was our first day PCing (personal contacting) on campus! Holy Cow that was super frustrating. I could not open my mouth. It is really hard to stop someone dead in their tracks to talk to them, but hey we have like the greatest message ever so why not, but still very difficult. The students are a lot more receptive then doors though so that is pretty nice. Actually the first person we contacted is named Creed Blankenship and we set a return appointment with him the next day so that was pretty sweet! Also we had the BEST rain storm ever!!!!!! So after a quick lesson with Andrew Surma we went outside and seriously it was raining buckets!!! So it was like 10 minutes till 9 which is our curfew so we had to go. Funny thing though; Sis. Hunt and I don't have a parking pass for campus! We pretty much have to park about a 1/4 to 1/2 a mile to get to our car! It was raining so hard we couldn't see very far in front of us, but we had to be home by 9! We walked outside and instantly we were soaked. We decided to run to our car. Finally after not being able to see we made it to our car!!! Now we had to drive home, which is another challenge. The streets were like already starting to flood! It was pretty awesome and scary. We prayed like the whole way home. We made it safely though. As soon as we got home we went and stood in our bath tub soaking wet!! The Elders got caught also and they had to borrow our mop because their shoes tracked in so much water. It is an awesome memory!!!! so Wednesday we had a lesson with Creed and it went awesome! At the end we challenged him to be baptized and he said YES!! He has the date to be baptized on September 21st! We really believe he'll be ready! Thursday we had an awesome question and answer thing with a guy named Kyle and his friends! The spirit was so strong. It was especially strong when the first vision was recited! I love reciting that, I feel the spirit work through me more then than any other time! It is fantastic cause you know that the spirit witnesses of truth so you know Joseph Smith was a prophet every single time you say it!!! I love it! Friday, I got to can peaches which is pretty sweet! I now know how to take off the skin of a peach, Woo-Hoo!! On Saturday Sis. Hunt and I had so much fun together!!! We were laughing all the time and it was just awesome! Sis. Hunt actually sang a song to me and it reminded me so much of mom! We were out contacting Less Active members and well not many were home which is very sad, but hey well find them! Keep staying positive right! Fast and Testimony meeting was great! I love those and Robert was able to come to church well he comes every week, but still. Elder Webb bore his testimony and it was awesome, it was his last Fast and Testimony meeting on his mission. There were just so many great testimonies born! We also got to teach the beehives! These young women are amazing! They are such examples to me and I admire who they are! 
   So this week my testimony of  patience has grown. It is so hard to be patient. After weeks of working I feel that we are finally able to start seeing the fruits of our works. I have also been able to finally see the progress that I have been able to make. As a missionary I ask for help a lot, and a lot of the time I expect that help to be given right then and there. I've really had to learn to rely on God's timing and not mine. It is line upon line, precept upon precept. I still struggle with it, but I know as we do have patience and have faith that God with help us with our righteous desires.
   I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Love Always,
Sister Miranda Smith

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey there family!
     How is everyone? I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives and that adventures they are given! Man this week has been a little Cra- Cra!!! But what do you expect being a missionary in Mt. Pleasant! So lets see.... Tuesday Sis. Hunt and I had a lesson with Robert which didn't go very well, so that was pretty frustrating. Don't worry though when you have solid investigators like Robert who are really prepared by the Lord, they don't really mind how bad the lesson goes. On Wednesday we had a district meeting and it was the last one of the transfer, so it was sad, but not too sad cause most of us are staying. One of our district elders though was a visa waiter and he got his visa to Brazil, which is awesome, but we're going to miss him. Oh and we went to the Italian Oven which like I said earlier has like the best bread ever!!! Thursday Sis. Hunt and I had ice cream for dinner from cold stone! Haha! being a missionary is like being on a college diet, don't worry though we are getting fruits and vegetables too! Friday we did a lot of knocking. The people we door knocked into were super nice, though they didn't really want to hear about the gospel it was still really awesome to meet nice people. Actually while we were door knocking we knocked into a woman named Jane and she is was participating in a service event on Saturday and she invited us to come. We totally jumped on that!! Also we had transfer calls!!! I'm staying in Mt. Pleasant along with Sis. Hunt who is now a Sister Training Leader, so I'll be doing a lot of trade offs. And Elder Webb and Hamelin are staying so we're all pretty excited! So that bring us to Saturday. Saturday was totally awesome!! So us and the Elders went to the service event. This event is great! A truck load of food is brought to a destination and we unload it and organize is into like a line and bag it. We had a super good assembly line going with the four of us, but anyways so 200 people come out to get free food! And we got to talk with people in the community which is great because then when we knock on their door they've already met us. Jane actually didn't expect us to come so it is so great that we did and gained trust with community members. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. The people in Mt. Pleasant are so caring it is wonderful!! Also on Saturday we had another lesson with Robert and this lesson went AWESOME!! Robert told us that he will be baptized he just doesn't know when. He really wants to make sure he is committed for life. He knows that this what he should do he just wants to be really prepared which is good cause then he knows how serious the covenants he is making are. Robert is so great!
Now onto my little gospel insight. First, the spirit works in mysterious ways and always follow promptings given even if they seem weird. Second, I got an opportunity to talk with Elder Webb and he has on his last transfer. I asked him for one piece of advise and out of all the advice he gave me he said "Say faithful prayers. God is willing to give you what you desire as long as you have the faith." That hit me because I pray all the time, but do I pray in faith? Do I have faith that the things I ask for, God will give me? I've really been thinking about that the last couple of days. Faith is so important. It is the first thing in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith is the foundation of all things. So I challenge you all to think about your prayers and think if you have the faith that God will answer them. Our faith can always improve, especially mine!
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week full of love and service! Sorry for the long letter!
Love Always,
Sister Smith  

 This is my district and yes, we are the best district around!
Top Left to Right: Elder Candland, Elder Lutz (transferred to Brazil), Elder Heffner (transferred), Elder Newman
Bottom Left to Right: Me, Elder Oler (district leader), Sister Hunt 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyday is a new Day!

Hey family and friends,
    How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well with everyone and everyone is enjoying their lives! I hear that it is pretty hot out there is good old AZ! It is a nice like 85 degrees here with some wind. It is super nice actually.
   Well this week has been pretty awesome. This week I actually went on trade off with the Sister Training Leader! She is awesome. Her name is Sis. Kane and I love her. One thing about a mission you really learn to love people so that's why I say love a lot. She and I ate at the place called The Italian Oven and boy did it have fantastic bread!!! Together we ate 3 loaves don't worry though I worked out the next day! Haha!! On Wednesday we had a wonderful, amazing zone conference. I learned so much it was awesome!!! We learned how to plan and how to work with ward members. The elder who is serving in Mesquite ward is right (his name slipped my mind) Member really are the most important. Missionaries leave members stay. Speaking of leaving transfers are coming up, but I should be staying because of training, but that means Elder Webb might be leaving which is a bummer because Sis. Hunt, Elder Hamlin, Elder Webb and I have good relationships with one another and we have good unity. But if he leaves it is for a good reason. This week Sis. Hunt and I have been blessed with talking with Less Active members which is totally awesome. There are so many Less Active people in the ward so when we get a hold of one and set an appointment we get so excited!!! On a mission the days really start to blurr.... I'm not exactly sure what happened on Friday, but I bet it was awesome! So Saturday we talked with the elders and ward mission leader about getting the ward excited about missionary work which is actually a lot harder than it sounds. We really want to get involved with the members because that is really where the work starts. MEMBERS ARE EVERYTHING! True statement. Oh also I got to do a bit of canning at Sister Lori Martins house and I get the opportunity to do more service which is always wonderful!! So on Sunday Robert came to church!!! Woo-Hoo second time! He is so awesome! I love teaching him with Sis. Hunt. We are so happy we knocked into him! See door knocking isn't all that bad! He is really moving forward and we tried to set a baptism date with him, but he just wants to be really dedicated to the church and make sure he sticks with it, which is really good. We're hoping it won't take too long. Also I gave a talk on Sunday on gratitude. It was my first bullet point talk and I'd say it went pretty well.
   So I want to talk to you about gratitude. There are 4 ways we can show gratitude for what we have been given. 1) Acknowledge God's hands in all things 2) Thanking him for all that he gives you 3) Keeping His commandments 4) Serving others     I really enjoyed giving a talk on gratitude because I realized how blessed I am and how much I need to thank Heavenly Father for. There is always something to be grateful for. I would like to give you a challenge. (missionaries love giving challenges) Will you commit to saying a gratitude prayer, which means saying a prayer where you only give thanks to god. It really helps you realize how much you have and how blessed your life is. I know that as you do this you will be happier and will want to share those blessings with others.
   Well that's about it! I love you all and hope you enjoy your blessed lives because we truly are so blessed! Keep moving forward and also accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, hold on the the affirmative and don't mess with mister in between. (song I learned in Zone Conference )
Love Always,
Sister Smith

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep Moving Forward!!

Dear Family,
     I hope everyone is doing well and that they are enjoying life. I hope those who have just started school are taking the time to enjoy learning and having that opportunity to grow.
    So this week has been pretty awesome, just like every week! On Tuesday we have another sister with us and her name is Sis. Whipple. She came into the field the same day I did. She is so sweet and I love learning from other people. While out door knocking we were able to meet Trayton. He is a 15 year old boy who had tons of questions. It was awesome! I loved getting to be there and feel the spirit. He was so excited about the BoM! We actually haven't been able to meet with him, so we are hoping we can this week because he was so golden! We can't let him go. Wednesday we had district meeting. Let me tell you, I have an awesome District Leader. He is so in tune with the spirit and he cares so much about us!!! I love getting to hear what he has to say about how we can improve ourselves and become better teachers. On Thursday we got the opportunity to door knock like all day!!!! I love door knocking I meet so many new people and it is pretty exciting. We met this lady who trains dogs for a living and she has trained like champion dogs. She also trains hospice dogs which is really neat. Her dogs were so well behaved. They have been my favorite dogs so far! Friday was awesome!!! Well actually Sis. Hunt was sick so we weren't able to go door knocking, but the Elders had a baptism and Robert was able to come! We were able to have a lesson with him about the BoM and the spirit was so strong then we were able to have a lesson with him on the Gospel of Jesus Christ but we only got to the part about repentance so... we didn't get through the whole thing. It was so great being able to go to a baptism while being a missionary and having an investigator there. It was just so amazing. On Saturday we were able to door knock which is always great except we didn't make very much progress which is kind of a bummer. That night though we were able to go to Lori's house and do some more service and we were able to eat Indian
tacos which are delicious!!!!! Sis. Hunt and I got to organize her food storage, which is in her basement. I really don't like spiders or spider webs. The Elders though, they got the best job of all!!! They got to clean the chicken coop. It was so funny watching them clean it. Farm work is the best!
    So I'm going to give a little thought. So Sis. Hunt had been sick for a few days, but on Friday it started to interfere with the work. So we had the elders come over and give her a blessing. I have a strong testimony of the priesthood. It just amazes me that Heavenly Father would give us such great power. When the elders anointed Sis. Hunt the spirit was instantly there. Her blessing was great and I knew it came from God. I just love that God gives that power to young men. Think about it, they have the power to act in God's name which means they are doing what Christ would do if He were there to do it. I am just so grateful that the priesthood is on the earth today and that it is here for everyone. We all have the opportunity to use it.

    I also have another thought. Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I have been praying for help and while I was studying in my scriptures I found my answer and I was given strength from what I read. It strengthened my testimony that God is there and that God does know each of us and what we are going through. He is always willing to help us and give us answers to our questions as long as we are willing to work and search for them. I feel so blessed to have had these opportunities that have strengthened my testimony and I know that you all can have experiences just like that if you have the faith and desire. I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
Love Always,
Sis. Smith   

This picture is of Elder Webb, Elder Hamelin, me and Sis. Hunt! We have ring pops on that Sis. Hunt's nephews gave her. This is at Lori's house after eating and doing service, so after the elders cleaned the chicken coop.
Let me tell you just a little about elder Hamelin. He is from Ammon, ID!! He actually was a ballroom dancer before his mission which is totally awesome. Both his parents are ball room dancers and so are his brothers. He is my other Zone Leader and both he and Elder Webb are awesome and are great examples to me and Sis. Hunt.Elder Hamelin has been out 18 months and Elder Webb has one transfer left. 

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