Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey there family!
     How is everyone? I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives and that adventures they are given! Man this week has been a little Cra- Cra!!! But what do you expect being a missionary in Mt. Pleasant! So lets see.... Tuesday Sis. Hunt and I had a lesson with Robert which didn't go very well, so that was pretty frustrating. Don't worry though when you have solid investigators like Robert who are really prepared by the Lord, they don't really mind how bad the lesson goes. On Wednesday we had a district meeting and it was the last one of the transfer, so it was sad, but not too sad cause most of us are staying. One of our district elders though was a visa waiter and he got his visa to Brazil, which is awesome, but we're going to miss him. Oh and we went to the Italian Oven which like I said earlier has like the best bread ever!!! Thursday Sis. Hunt and I had ice cream for dinner from cold stone! Haha! being a missionary is like being on a college diet, don't worry though we are getting fruits and vegetables too! Friday we did a lot of knocking. The people we door knocked into were super nice, though they didn't really want to hear about the gospel it was still really awesome to meet nice people. Actually while we were door knocking we knocked into a woman named Jane and she is was participating in a service event on Saturday and she invited us to come. We totally jumped on that!! Also we had transfer calls!!! I'm staying in Mt. Pleasant along with Sis. Hunt who is now a Sister Training Leader, so I'll be doing a lot of trade offs. And Elder Webb and Hamelin are staying so we're all pretty excited! So that bring us to Saturday. Saturday was totally awesome!! So us and the Elders went to the service event. This event is great! A truck load of food is brought to a destination and we unload it and organize is into like a line and bag it. We had a super good assembly line going with the four of us, but anyways so 200 people come out to get free food! And we got to talk with people in the community which is great because then when we knock on their door they've already met us. Jane actually didn't expect us to come so it is so great that we did and gained trust with community members. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. The people in Mt. Pleasant are so caring it is wonderful!! Also on Saturday we had another lesson with Robert and this lesson went AWESOME!! Robert told us that he will be baptized he just doesn't know when. He really wants to make sure he is committed for life. He knows that this what he should do he just wants to be really prepared which is good cause then he knows how serious the covenants he is making are. Robert is so great!
Now onto my little gospel insight. First, the spirit works in mysterious ways and always follow promptings given even if they seem weird. Second, I got an opportunity to talk with Elder Webb and he has on his last transfer. I asked him for one piece of advise and out of all the advice he gave me he said "Say faithful prayers. God is willing to give you what you desire as long as you have the faith." That hit me because I pray all the time, but do I pray in faith? Do I have faith that the things I ask for, God will give me? I've really been thinking about that the last couple of days. Faith is so important. It is the first thing in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith is the foundation of all things. So I challenge you all to think about your prayers and think if you have the faith that God will answer them. Our faith can always improve, especially mine!
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week full of love and service! Sorry for the long letter!
Love Always,
Sister Smith  

 This is my district and yes, we are the best district around!
Top Left to Right: Elder Candland, Elder Lutz (transferred to Brazil), Elder Heffner (transferred), Elder Newman
Bottom Left to Right: Me, Elder Oler (district leader), Sister Hunt 

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