Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cold Has Come!!!!

Hey there Family and Friends!
   Well let me tell you, I was not prepared for this cold! HaHa! This wind chill is fantastic and it makes you feel so alive!!!! HaHa! It's all about the attitude :D! 
Well anyways... this week has been another great week!

Monday: Sister Whipple and I had a wonderful time rearranging the apartment to make it a little bit more roomy. I'm telling you missions give you so many life experiences it is crazy. We also went shopping and did all of our P-Day chore things. Oh my goodness 6 quarters for a load of laundry and that is just for the washing and lets not forget another 6 for drying. Maybe this is normal, but if it is, they are robbing America of quarters. Like I said many like experiences. Haha! I love it!

Tuesday: I got to have dinner with a wonderful member who took us to Ruby Tuesdays. I have missed yummy hamburgers like that. Also don't worry I am being feed so much... I will never go hungry again....

Wednesday: We taught our investigator Ben. I just have so much hope for Ben! I know that this gospel will bless his life! He just has a few things that he needs to over come with the Saviors help, but I really can see that potential he has.

Thursday: We had Zone Training! I love when the zone gets together. It is like seeing your extended family after a few months, even though we see each other more often than that. I got to see Sister Hunt and Elder Hamelin, my Mt. Pleasant family, which was awesome! In our zone training we talked about how we can become more diligent missionaries; which came just in time for the cold weather for Sister Whipple and I. She is from St. George where it is also warm, so winter will be so fun! We also talked about how important church is for us and for our investigators. Zone training's are a great way to see what you can improve on!

Friday: We had dinner with an investigator and made yummy Halloween cupcakes! It was so much fun and we really enjoyed spending that time with our investigator and her kids. We have been working with her for a long time and we really hope that she will keep progressing.

Saturday: Sister Whipple and I did a lot of finding that day... and it was a pretty good experience. We really had to show diligence, but we were able to meet a really nice woman who has had wonderful experiences with the LDS community.

Sunday: I got to see President and Sister Hess!! They came to our ward and it was so great to see them. Seeing them is like seeing your parents! I just love them so much and it was a great surprise to see them!
So for my thought today, I'd really like to talk about a talk called "His Grace Is Sufficient" This is an amazing talk given by Brad Wilcox. It is in the September Ensign I believe. I would recommend reading it and studying it. Like actually study it and think about how it pertains to your life. I actually did it for some of my study this morning and it was great. So that's actually what my thought of the day is. If you do it, you won't regret it! :D
Have a wonderful week everyone!!! Remember Every member is a missionary!!! Keep Moving Forward!
Love Always,

Sister M. Smith 

Onward to Midland!

Hey Family and Friends!!!
    I have been transferred to Midland! It is different and a lot bigger than my little Mt. Pleasant. There are a ton of trees it is crazy!!! I do miss Mt. Pleasant and Sister Hunt, but my work there was done and now I have work to do in Midland. It is hard don't get me wrong, but I really have to put my trust in the Lord because he knows better than me. Sister Whipple is great and I am going to enjoy serving with her. The ward is also very great and they love missionary work. I also get fed like all the time!!! Sometimes twice a day. I'm definitely going to need to exercise more.
    ROBERT WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! I was able to attend Robert's baptism! It was so exciting and I just love the feeling I got while I was there. I am so excited to see him progress and move forward in the gospel! He is a wonderful man and he is and will be very blessed.
Monday: I packed all my stuff, which was a lot. Luckily I was not on the transfer van or else I'd probably would have had to leave some things behind. It was a good last day in Mt. Pleasant. We had a good time and we made cookies like we did every Monday!
Tuesday: Transfers!!!! I was transferred to Midland. It was really sad, but happy. I still get to see the people I love cause I'm not too far away and I'm still in the same zone. It was Elder Webb's last day and it was sad to see him go, but luckily he was able to make to Robert's baptism on Saturday with his family.
Wednesday: We drove a lot on Wednesday. I learned that budgeting miles is hard when your area is big and you have a lot of people out in the boonies, but you learn as you go. Hopefully we don't run out of miles by the end though or else that would be not good.
Thursday: We knocked into a woman named Carole Kiminski and we have a lot of hope for her. Her husband died about 10 years ago and she is still having a hard time with it. She kept wonderful if there was an afterlife and we just kept bearing testimony that there was. We are planning on seeing her this week and following up. We really want to meet with her!
Friday: We had a lesson with Ben Nowack and he is 22 years old. Sister Hunt and Sister Whipple actually door knocked into him while on trade offs like first transfer. He has some walls up that needs to ask Heavenly Father to help take down, but I really feel that he has so much potential. I really feel like he is seeking for the truth and this is where he can find it. The spirit will really have to work with him and with us, but i have faith that he will move forward and progress.
Saturday: I went to Robert's baptism!!! Yeah!!! It was amazing!! I was so happy, nothing really can describe the feeling of knowing you were tool in the Lord's hand helping to bring this person to their Savior and Heavenly Father. He is be awesome!!!
Sunday: We walked a lot to save on miles because we are running short. It was also my first day in the new ward. It is crazy being in a new ward. You have to meet more people and everything like that, but it is an opportunity to get to know more of my brothers and sisters. It is going to be great working in Midland!
      So for my spiritual thought. The Lord really helps us as we pray for it. I've really had to pray for help to get used to the new area and the new ward and I have really started to rely more on my Savior in helping me to over come my weaknesses. I have such a desire to serve in this area with all my heart, might, mind and strength. My heart can't be in Mt. Pleasant. I've really learned that the Lord will help us in our righteous desires. Prayer is such an amazing thing and it really bring me great comfort to know that I have a Heavenly Father who hears them and who cares about me. I know that the Lord knows each and everyone of us and knows how to succor (run to the aid of) us. I feel so blessed to have a knowledge of these things and that I get to share that knowledge with others.
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith