Monday, December 2, 2013

It's a winter wonderland here!!!

Hey everyone!!! 
Sorry I wasn't able to email last week, the power went out because of a huge storm and we were unable to email for a long time. 
So last week there was a big storm so we had to have dinner by candle light at a members home, it was pretty awesome. We got a sweet video of it!! We aren't fully sure if it was a tornado or what, but all I know is that power was out for some people for like 4 days and it was freezing. 
So for this week!!! 
Monday: The power was out so we went and chilled at the mall for a while and then the church got power so we went over to the church and had a nerf war with our district. Sister Whipple and I totally dominated because we were the only ones with nerf guns! Haha!! :D 
Tuesday: We went and saw our investigator Eulene! She is great. She has two little kids and they are just so cute. Sometimes it is a little hard though to have lessons because they are so distracting. We are trying to figure out a way to make them better and more spiritual. Also we had dinner at Olive Garden so I got to eat yummy bread sticks and I got left overs which is great as a missionary cause then you have to buy less food! 
Wednesday: So Wednesday I was sick so we didn't really do much. We sat in our apartment and watched all the videos that are approved. Also Sister Whipple made me chicken noodle soup!!! :D 
Thursday: We had a lesson with our investigator Dakota. She is 14 and I just love her. She is so funny and acts just like a 14 year old. It makes me really enjoy teaching, but then realize how much work it will be, but it will be rewarding for sure. We are really trying to make the lessons interactive because it keeps their attention better and we like giving those lessons! 
Friday: We had a lesson with Ben. This last week Ben told us that he didn't want to be baptized which is super sad cause Sister Whipple and I were just so excited for him and we really see him as our brother. We were able to set up this lesson with him and see why he no longer wanted to be baptized. It was the first lesson where Sister Whipple and I were really bold. The thing is though it was all out of love! We love Ben so we want him to have what we have and enjoy the blessings. We have another lesson with him this week so we hope it goes well! 
Saturday: So we were out door knocking and we met this super nice woman, but she told us straight up that our religion is made up and that it isn't true. It was pretty sad to hear because I have a testimony and I know that this can bless her life and she isn't ready to accept it. I have found that when people tell me that I'm being told lies and that I should rethink what I have been taught and have come to know is true that is only gives me the opportunity to solidify my testimony of the gospel! I know this church is true and I know it blesses people's lives! 
Sunday: So we had a lesson with Austin and it was awesome! It was the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and we were able to make it an object lesson! We played Hot and Cold to show how the Holy Ghost speaks to us and we were able to check his understanding. I just love giving these lessons. It is hard to teach teenagers, but it really is so fun! 
Oh side note Sister Whipple and I were at a dinner appointment and members from the ward needed to be some where and so they left. Just like a minute after they left they came in and said "We hit the Sister's car". They had backed up into our car. Sister Whipple and I laughed. We're like "we are prepared for this!" I love that the mission is just so prepared for everything! I get to learn so much about being prepared for anything that may come!!! 
So I've been able to read a few conference talks and study them and it is wonderful. When I got conference it was like getting a Christmas present!! I loved it!!! I really just want to challenge all of you to read a conference talk and really study it. Take notes in the margins, highlight things you enjoy and really get something out of these talks. They are modern day scripture and can teach us so many things. I know that as we take time to study these talks and apply the things we learn that we will be able to have our testimonies strengthened and that we will be more confident in sharing the gospel with others!! 
I love you all so much and I hope that you are enjoying the nice warm weather! Oh did I tell you it snowed, well it did and it is cold, but I am still loving it!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and don't forget that you are all amazing people who are loved!!! 
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith :D 

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