Monday, December 2, 2013

It is Christmas time!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey Family!!!!
What up everyone!!! I hope that you all are doing well and that you are enjoy the new Christmas season! 
Monday- This day was a pretty crazy P-day. We were every where just out and about and I wrote like 6 letters which is the most I have written in a while. We had a pretty great time though. Sister Whipple and I chilled in Meijer for like an hour and we printed out some great pictures of us. 
Tuesday- We went and visited a less active woman named Cheryl and we invited her to the Midland Nativity Exhibit which is this huge thing the wards in Midland put on for the community. They set up like 600 nativities from around the world and you walk through and look at them. I hear the it is so great and that the spirit is really strong there. It is a great way to start off Christmas. Sister Whipple and I also got lost on our way to a dinner appointment because we do not have a GPS. Also when you drive in snow at night is looks like you are driving through space at high speeds which I think is pretty awesome!! 
Wednesday- We have Zone Training!!! I love zone training's!! We talked a lot about having faith, which is something we can always have more of. We also talked about new ways to approach doors like saying we are disciples of Jesus Christ and that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. This gives us more power and authority at door steps which is pretty awesome if you ask me!! We are starting to see a difference already which is really great! 
Thursday- So it snowed on Thanksgiving which is epic!!! Snowflakes actually look the way they are drawn!! I saw my first snow flake!!! So cool!!!! Also we door knocked into this family and they were kind of laughing at us. They told us to wait and they went and got their Grandfather. Their Grandfather then came up to us and looked me dead in the eyes and told me that I was not Christian. I politely told him that we know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, then he told me I was wrong and that I am not a Christian. It was interesting because when he told me that I was not Christian I really stood a little taller and I was not going to be shaken. I know what I know and I will stand up for what I know. Sister Whipple and I walked away from the door and started singing 'I Believe in Christ'. It was one of those doors that help strengthen your testimony about the gospel. We also had Thanksgiving! We ate at a members home and it was so fun because they had a lot of family there and it was like being at home, just with another family. It was wonderful!!
Friday- We had a service project which was fun because we got to tie fleece blankets together for a firehouse. Also Sister Whipple and I were walking home from door knocking and it was like 23 degrees and there we are laughing and having fun. We passed a sign that told us the temperature and I said I never thought I would be this happy and it be this cold. It was pretty great!
Saturday- We walked a ton and my body was sore, but you keep on keepin' on!!! The work must never stop! 
Sunday- Sister Whipple and I were knocking apartments and we met a man named Brett!! We set a return appointment with him and we are so excited to teach him. We did not talk with him long, but he seemed like he was pretty interested so we are looking forward to see where this goes!! 
So for my thought I really want to talk about how God loves all of us. Yesterday in Relief Society we talked about this and something that stood out to me was the tender mercies that we receive from out Heavenly Father to let us know that he is mindful of us. This week Sis. Whipple and I were walking and we were tired and wanted to find a bench. There was no bench in sight so we kept on walking. I said a prayer in my heart just asking to find a bench so we could sit and find a place for us to go door knocking. Well just a few minutes later I look over and there is a bench!!! I was so excited!! It really was a tender mercy from the Lord that there was a bench there. He knew how much I wanted that bench. To some it may seem like a coincidence, but to me it was a witness that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know me as an individual and that they are mindful of our needs. I am so grateful that I have opportunities to recognize Gods hand in my life. My challenge to you is to notice all the little tender mercies that you receive this week and write them down. I promise that you will feel Gods love for you as an individual and you will be happier!!!
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week this week!!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!!
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith    

Midland: This was my last district!!! We decided to take a picture in our Gentile clothing!! Haha missionaries, we are hilarious!! 

                                                           Look it is my zone!!!! 
Look it is super cold!!! 

Look I dunked the ball!!! 

I am so Cool!

We found them at Target for like 3 bucks!! 

We had a nerf gun war with our district and we totally killed it, but we were the only ones with guns!!! HaHa!! 

First day of snow!!! 

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