Monday, November 4, 2013

Hola!!! Four Months baby!!!

Hey Family and Friends,
I hope everyone is doing well and that they enjoy the holiday festivals! 
Monday: I wrote letters and I was able to spend some time with my district cause we are all in Midland which is totally awesome! It is super fun serving close in our area cause it makes the district closer! 
Tuesday: Sister Whipple and I have been doing tons of finding this week which has been a different experience. We have been trying to find ways to work on our Door Knocking skills. We are really just trying to stay positive and keep moving and doing the Lord's work in the Lord's time. 
Wednesday: We had dinner with a family and they invited a friend over which is awesome! We were able to teach her about the restoration! She isn't really too interested but that is okay someday she will be! Also the food there was great! The members here in Midland feed us so well it is crazy!! I am totally going to need to exercise more! Haha!! 
Thursday: Happy Halloween!!! We had interviews with President Hess! I love when I get to see President! He always helps me feel better about things and he is so great! We also had district meeting!! I love learning from other missionaries because they know exactly what we are going through! My district leader is awesome also! He has only been a member for 2 years! He has been a full time missionary for more time than he's been a regular member! So cool!!! Also we made homemade pizza for dinner which is awesome! Oh and we raked leaves which has actually been like the first time I've raked leaves and they were wet which made them heavier, so it was a great work out! 
Friday: We went and saw Eulene. She is our investigator and she is awesome! Missionaries have been working with her before I even went on my mission and she has had like 3 baptismal dates, but I have faith that she will be baptized! She has a 17 month old and a 2 month old so her house is very busy. Our lessons are usually short because she has to be moving around with her kids, but she is great! 
Saturday: We attended a wedding and a baptism!!! Ben was able to come to the baptism which is great because it is always good when investigators get the chance to see a baptism before they are baptized. The wedding was for our investigator Robert! It was actually the first time I met Robert and he seems like a great guy and that he really wants the gospel. We have really been blessed with such great people to teach.
So for my spiritual thought! So I love the story about Christ asking Peter if he loves him. Elder Holland talks about this story in one of his talks and he tells it wonderfully! So the reason I love this is because it says "If ye love me feed my sheep!" If we truly love Christ we will feed his sheep. Every single time I hear this phrase I think about how much I want to show Christ that I love him and how much I need to work at being a better missionary. I know I have much to work on and improve, but I love my Savior and I want to show him that I do by feeding his sheep! The story is in John chapter 21 and you can hear Elder Holland talk about it. I just love that story so much! 
I love you all and I hope that you are doing well and enjoying life! Keep being great member missionaries!!!!! 
Love Always,

Sister M. Smith 

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