Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Fun!!!! Go Missionary Work!!!!!

Hey family and Friends,
How is it going?? It is cold and rainy and hailing here, but it is still so much fun!! Only as a missionary can you ride a bike in rain, sleet and hail and still have a smile on your face!! By the way hail hurts... :D 
So this week has been pretty everywhere, but as a missionary you don't really have normal weeks. 

Monday: We went bowling on P-Day! It was super fun and we are all pretty bad at bowling! That's okay though because we are better missionaries then we are bowlers. 

Tuesday: We went finding a lot on Tuesday which is pretty awesome. We also had a great lesson with our investigator Ben! He is now on good terms with the Bishop which is awesome because not many people get that! 

Wednesday: We went finding and we met this really nice lady who has like no religious background, but has the kindest heart. She was so sincere and she is so close to having the gospel in her life! She really needs it! Her name is Josie and she was so kind to us!! Finding people always brings such different experiences, some good some bad, but the good ones always stick out more! 

Thursday: We had a lesson with a woman named Francine. She really knows missionaries and knows quite a bit about the church. She is super faithful and loves missionary work. She believes in prophets and that the Book of Mormon is more scripture to us. She wants us to come back tomorrow and talk to her grandchildren about being ladies which is pretty awesome! 

Friday: We had a lesson with Ben again and this lesson we totally fantastic!! I loved it! It's lessons like these why being a missionary is so wonderful! So our lesson with Ben was about the Godhead and the spirit was so strong during the lesson. Sister Whipple was asking wonderful, inspired questions and we invited Ben to be baptized and he said yes without hesitation. This is huge because we have invited Ben multiple times and he has always had a concern and this time he didn't!!! We were also able to promise him the blessings that his family would still love him and care about him and that they would accept the gospel and be baptized! It was so amazing to feel the spirit work through you! I was hesitant to tell him the promise, but the spirit pretty much forced it out! It was really cool to see that happen and be a part of it! Ben has a set baptism date of December 1st so pray for him that he will make it and that his family will be okay with his decision! 

Saturday: We had a meal with the Lovells who are awesome member missionaries! They are so awesome! They are always wanting to help the missionary work move forward!! They are examples of what I want to be when I get home! 

Sunday: Ben came to church!!!!!! This is huge for Ben!! Missionary work is so rewarding! We've had a really great week and we have also had a hard week, but when you look at the positive side everything is so much better!!! Count your blessings, right?? 
Well have a wonderful week!!!
Love Always, 
Sister Smith

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