Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola Family!!!!

Hey Family!!! 
Well this week has been pretty awesome and we are enjoying the lovely weather here in Midland, Michigan! We had a wonderful Stake Conference with Elder Golden this week and we have just been so blessed by our Heavenly Father! 
Monday: Well fun story! Sister Whipple and I get the opportunity to email in the family history center along with the rest of our district which makes for a very exciting emailing session! Our district is so funny and I just love them all and it is going to be so sad when transfers come! We love them! 
Tuesday: We got kicked out of a place for proselyting which is pretty lame, but it is okay. We also had dinner with this awesome family who lives way out in the middle of the no where, but we had burgers and I just love eating burgers. We also had a lesson with Eulene and we are still trying to figuring out where she is at spiritually and we really hope that we might be able to help her set a baptismal date. She has made a few dates and hasn't reacted them so we are really having to rely on the spirit which is something we always should be doing. 
Wednesday: We taught Ben a lesson and the lesson was the Law of Chasity! That lesson is always so fun to teach! Luckily Ben had already read like all about it in the Gospel Principles book so that is pretty great and makes for a more understandable lesson. He also is reading the Book of Mormon everyday which is awesome! It's so great to see the progression that Ben has made over this last transfer! 
Thursday: Oh man I was on trade offs with Sister Hunt!!! I love being able to serve with her for a day!! We were pretty much finding the entire time, but it seriously was so much fun! It was like we hadn't even been apart for weeks! I was also able to learn from her which is pretty awesome cause she trained me! We used a method called C.A.S.H which is to compliment, ask a question, smile, and offer help! It totally works! It makes people so much more open to talking with us! I love finding! I think it is so fun getting to know more people and that they are all from different backgrounds which is pretty epic if you ask me!! I love Sister Hunt and finding!
Friday: We had a dinner which a family and they were celebrating their daughters 7th birthday and the theme was cowgirls and it was awesome and I loved it! There was great cake too! We also had a lesson with Dakota and she set a baptismal date which is great!!! Her date is February 22 and we had a great lesson with her!! 
Saturday: We had the adult session of Stake Conference and Ben was able to come and meet Elder Golden! the conference was about missionary work and a recent convert who I got to teach, Devin, was asked to come up and talk about his conversion. Then everyone who was part of his conversion had to come up and it showed how not one person effects the life but many are need to help the work move forward! It was really awesome and Devin is a great person so it was awesome to see that! 
Sunday: We got a new Stake Presidency here! The bishop from mount pleasant is the new stake president and i know his two counselors! I've eaten dinner at all the of the stake presidencies houses! It was pretty awesome cause I can't completely remember getting a new stake presidency so it was really cool seeing that!!! Isn't this gospel just so true!!!! 
Okay so Elder Lansing gave a talk at stake conference and he gave us 4 steps to sharing the gospel with others and I'd like to share those with all of you! When asked a question about the gospel these are the steps to replying to their question. 
1) Say thank you
2) Give a simple answer
3) Give a soft testimony
4) Invite them to come back with other questions
Isn't it crazy how simple that sounds, but when it actually come to sharing the gospel it is so much harder! I have such a testimony of sharing the gospel. I must admit I was not the best at sharing before my mission, but as I prayed for opportunities they came and as soon as I opened my mouth it was filled D&C 84:85 and D&C 11:21! I rely on this promise all the time! I know that I am weak and I need to rely on the faith that I do have that as I do what I am asked the lord will fulfill his promise, D&C 82:10! Aren't scriptures just great! I love them! I know that as we share the gospel we will be blessed and have great joy, D&C 18: 10, 15-16! 
Have a wonderful week and I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel and praying for missionary opportunities! 
Love Always, 
Sister Miranda Smith 

5220 Hedgewood #804  Midland, MI 48640

This one is of me and all the other sister smiths in the mission! Super funny that we were all in the same 1/2 mission! 

This one is of my mount pleasant family! that is my ward mission leader and his wife! Tommy and Chelsea May! 

This is my Mt. Pleasant family who I just love! 

pretty scenery 

Pretty Rainbow cause it rains here so much! 

Me and Sister Whipple bowling! So fun! We're bad at bowling, but that's okay! 

My wall in front of my desk. I love it! 

I bought a cactus because I love them and it was pretty! It reminded me of home! 

Me all ready for the cold weather! Getting bundled! 

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