Monday, October 7, 2013

No Car Week!!!!

Dear family and friends!!!
How are all of ya'll doing?? I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying every day! This week has been an adventure just like every other week!
Monday: We had a lesson with Robert and it went well! We watched talks from last session of General Conference! It went really well and we are just so excited for Robert and we pray that he will keep progressing and feeling the spirit!!!
Tuesday: Sister Hunt and I drove to Midland... again. We also gave up our car Hona. It was a sad departure. Hona was such a great car. She was so great at getting us to the places that we needed to go. We've really missed her.
Wednesday: FIRST DAY ON BIKES!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Sister Hunt and I had to bike to the church and get to district meeting. Oh yeah biking in skirts isn't the most pleasant thing you can do... Oh funny story! On our bike ride back from a lesson I was riding my bike and these bikes are kind of old and rusty, well I went up this tiny hill and my handle bars came off my bike!!! It was so funny! I fell off my bike and into some dirt! Luckily a nice older gentleman saw and he put the handle bars back on. I feel pretty bad though cause after I fell we called the Elders and Elder Webb had had a dream the night before that one of us got hit by a car while biking. So when Sister Hunt called saying I had fallen he started to feel really bad, but no worries everyone is good and I only have a few bruises. Latter that night we also had an awesome lesson with a girl names Sarah! She is willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it!
Thursday: Sister Hunt and I had apartment checks. Lets just say ours was super clean and we got a star! Woo-Hoo! It's great to be clean and organized!
Friday: We had a lesson with a girl named Cassie! We just love her! She is so prepared to receive the gospel at this time! She has been struggling and she is learning to pray and ask questions and for help! It is awesome and we really look forward to teaching her more and hope that she progresses!!!
Saturday: The elders are running low on miles so this day we did bike trade-offs. The elders got the bikes this day so that lead to Sister Hunt and I walking 9 miles. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it does take a lot of time from your day to walk places. We were also able to go to the RS Meeting! It was amazing! Wasn't it!! If you weren't able to watch it, I recommend taking some time to watch it cause it will really bless your life and your family's!
Sunday: Sister Hunt and I walked to church and while we did we sang hymns the entire way! It was pretty fantastic!!! We also had an investigator named Alexis come to church even though her friends and family don't really approve! Sad, but awesome at the same time.

So for my spiritual thought. In district meeting we learned that what we believe effects our behavior which will reflect our experiences. This is so true especially as a missionary. What you believe and your attitude towards it really effects how things turn out. I know that as we have positive beliefs about ourselves, work and others that it will effect our lives in a more positive way! is a sweet diagram that Sister Hunt made to show the correlation! Isn't she just the best! :D
Keep doing great work and don't forget 'Every Member a Missionary" Pres. David O. McKay!
Love Always,
Sister Miranda Smith

* Sorry I couldn't pull up their diagram.... 

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