Monday, September 23, 2013

The work is moving FORWARD!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
    I hope that everyone had a great week and is enjoying their time where ever they maybe! I have been so blessed this week and I am so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who loves each and everyone of us!!
Monday: I put together a puzzle that has an old 1957 GMC on it. It was blue and I love it. I took a picture. The better part of the day though was that Sister Hunt and I were able to have a lesson on baptism with Robert, with Bro. May! It was a really good lesson and we are so excited to see Robert progressing so well! We committed him to pray about what he should do when it comes to baptism.
Tuesday: While Sister Hunt and I were driving to Midland for trade-offs we sang Karaoke to the piano song Waterfall by John Schmit. It was pretty awesome! We sang about our district and each other. I just love Sister Hunt! She and I get along so well!!!
Wednesday: We met a lady while door knocking who said she would take us all the way up to Mackinaw Bridge! President Said no of course, but it was pretty awesome that she would do that for us!
Thursday: We had half mission training!!!! I got to see my companion for the MTC!! And I also got to see to Elders from my MTC district. They are all doing well and loving their missions also. Training is good, but bad all at the same time. It is good because you get so motivated to do everything and become a better missionary, but then you realize how much you need to improve on and what you can do better which is always a lot. I just hope that I can use what I learned and help build God's kingdom. I love being taught by people who love the Lord and follow the spirit it is so amazing being surrounded by people who all have the same goal as you! Missionary work is that best!!!!
Friday: I gave toilet paper that I received in my package to the elders all tied together with ribbon and with a bow so it looked like a wreath. It was pretty awesome! That is what missionaries do for fun! haha! Also Hannah Griffin a YSA fed us in her dorm cafeteria thing! It was awesome! We were able to eat however much we wanted! It reminded Sister Hunt and I of the MTC except a lot less missionaries. It was fun being able to eat with someone our age, she also brought her boyfriend Devin who is the recent convert I talked about last week! We love them both so much! They both have the missionary work fire burning in them which is awesome!!!!
Saturday: So the college does this thing called chalking which is where you chalk out events and stuff like that. Hannah, Devin, Sister Hunt and I all decided it would be a fantastic idea to chalk the plan of salvation. We did and it was pretty awesome!! We weren't able to stand next to it and answer people's questions cause we had an appointment, but hopefully it gets people thinking. We also chalked visit a lot of places. We also got to watch the Restoration twice. I love the story of Joseph Smith. He is an example to me of loving God and doing as he has commanded us, but he was not perfect and made mistakes so it makes me feel like I can do great things even though I am imperfect.
Sunday: This day was the Primary Program!!!!! I love little children!! They are so adorable and I love their innocence. A little boy who is like 9 or 10 played the song "I like to Look for Rainbows" which is a song about baptism on his violin and he did amazing!!! It brought the spirit so strong it was amazing!!! Cool story, so I was going to give the lesson in Gospel Principles on Missionary Work, but during sacrament meeting I felt like I should teach the Plan of Salvation. Well that lead me to freak out because I didn't have that planned out, but I couldn't deny that the spirit told me to teach the Plan of Salvation. So I asked Sister Hunt to teach with me and she said yes, that was at the beginning of sacrament. At the end of sacrament she told me she had the thought to have me teach with Elder Hamelin. Well that is interesting. Well we taught together and it was just the lesson that was needed for our investigator Robert!!!!! Robert set his baptismal date for October 12th!!!!!! We are so excited for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope that he can keep progressing and hit this goal!!!!
Never give up and always keep moving forward. Things will happen in the Lord's time and we need to have the faith that it will happen! I've been able to see this in this week! I love the Lord and I am so grateful that I get to be out here doing his work.
I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week and that you are able to notice God's hand in your lives!!!!!
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith 

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