Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It is an ICE BOX HERE!!!!!!!!

Hey Family and Friends and whomever reads this wonderful letter!! :D
    I hope that everyone is doing well and that they are enjoying the blessings of nice warm weather and a beautiful temple open house ( for those in AZ) For those also suffering the cold weather let me say one thing, pray for the missionaries in your areas cause they are probably dying or maybe you can go our and door knock with them then you'd really feel for them! Haha!! But seriously. If you really want to know what the weather is like here in Michigan go to Costco and stand in the massive freezer for 3 hours and then imagine that with wind and also don't forget to add sharing the gospel with people too!! That is what I am expericening in a little nut shell! It kind of makes me laugh a little and I hope that gives you a little bit of imagery. Now onto the week!!!
Monday: Oh yeah that was my birthday!!! I forgot! Haha funny how that seems to happen. We had a lesson with Austin about preparing for a mission and attending seminary when he gets into high school! I really hope that he serves a mission!! It would be so amazing to see him do that and achieve that goal!! I know that if he worked for that he and his family would be so blessed. He is such a funny kid. I give props to all those who have had teenagers, I don't know how you did it, but thank you for sticking through it and not giving up on us cause we need you!
Tuesday: It was super cold and I was like frozen and delirious!!! It was an exciting event. I never knew that when you were so cold that it gets are to form thought and therefore makes some door approaches a lot more complicated then they should be. Also I have realized that there are a ton of people here who live on lakes, but only like 10% live there year round so therefore you knock on doors that have been vacant for months. Oh the joys of boonie knocking.
Wednesday: Oh my goodness! We met a pretty good potential investigator this day!!! His name is Logan and he is 21 years old. We are really hoping to meet with him, but he works night and that makes things a little bit mrore complicated. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he reacted to it very well which is great because the elect will resinate with the Book of Mormon. We are going to try to contact him this week!
Thursday: We met another potential named Jeremy! We actually talked with him for like an hour and had a partial restoration lesson which hasn't happen in forever! We are hoping to contact him this week also and hoping to see some progress with him! Also while out door knocking we knocked into this house with like college aged kids and we were talked with a guy and his girlfriend or something comes to the door and says "I'm sorry ladies but we havge a religion that likes to conserve heat." It was pretty funny if you ask me, but also a little frustrating cause the guy was actually talking to us, but what can you do?
Friday: We met another great potential named Bill!! We found him in a little town called All Bright Shores which is right off a lake. He also resinated with the Book of Mormon! The thing is though that he is a in-home care person and his hours are crazy weird and so it is difficult to get a hold of him. We do have a way to contact him which is good and we are hoping to met with him and his family which is wonderful!!! I am just really hoping that all these potentials that we have will turn into investigators!!! That would only be the best most wonderful thing ever!!! Have the faith right?
Saturday: Okay so we were once again knocking out in the boonies and it was so great cause it was just freezing cold and it literally brought tears to my eyes which is pretty crazy. The great thing is that we walked up this massive driveway. We litterally could not see the house from the end and even once we walked down a few yards we were like "umm.... is there even a house down here" then all of a sudden we could see a roof!!! You know a really great ending to the story would be that we picked them up as new investigators after walking up that long driveway, but no they weren't home. Everyone must hear the gospel!!! :D Some many great stories man!
Sunday: AUSTIN PASSED THE SACRAMENT!!!!! It was so wonderful!!! I loved it!! I was just smiling ear to ear and I was just so happy!!! Nothing really compares to the milestones that you get to see investigators and recent converts make in the gospel and also those who are less active! We are hoping that Dakota and Austin will soon get to do baptisms for the dead!!
Spiritual Thoguht: Something that really struck me today was just how much Heavenly Father knows each of us as individuals and He knows what we need even before we do. It is such a wonderful blessing to know that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us and wants us to be happy. Do we know how special this knowledge is? Do we know how blessed we are to have the knowledge that we have a Father in Heaven that we can talk to anytime, anywhere who will hear our prayers and answer them? I think we don't fully understand the power behind this knowledge and the power behind personal prayer. I know that I did not fully understand before my mission and I still don't fully understand, but I have been able to gain a huge testimony of the relationship that we can build with our Father in Heaven through prayer. He wants to help us. We want these things, but we find ourselves forgetting to ask for them. We also see prayer as a thing that we use when we are in trouble or  when we feel we need it. just like a spare tire. We need to use prayer like we use a steering wheel! We need to let is guide us and without it we wouldn't move forward. We won't be able to move foward without prayer we will actually move backwards slowly but surely. There is tramendous power and blessings that come from prayer!
I love you all and keep sharing the gospel!!!
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith 

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