Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm staying in Williamston!!!!

Howdy Family!!!!
     I'm struggling to think about what happened this last week because the weeks just start to blend and then the months and the transfers and you don't know which way is up or which way is down. You pretty much are stuck in what I like to call the mission time warp. Speaking of time warp, last night Sister Morrison and I were talking and we realized that I only have 4 transfers left!!! Can you believe it!! The crazy part is that I already know where I'm going to be for this one. Another crazy thing to think about is that I spent that long in one area before and that time flew by! This is crazy! Anyways..... now that I've talked to you about mission time I'll get to the week.
Monday- I decorated mine and Sister Morrison's planers and let me tell you they look pretty great! Decorated planners just make me a bit happier! Oh while I was doing that Sister Morrison was writing letters.
Tuesday- We had a lesson with our investigator Bro. Rusch. It was pretty good. We had a member there and she returned from her mission in Korea almost a year ago so it was really neat having her there to teach the lesson with us. She said that she has a ton of visuals and that we should talk to her about getting some of them. Ummm don't mind if we do! Visuals are the best!
Wednesday- We had our last district meeting and it was Sister Hunt's last district meeting like ever! It was pretty sad. I'm going to miss seeing her around all the time. It is crazy to think that through my entire mission I have seen her at least once a transfer which is crazy and doesn't really happen all the time so that is super neat! Haha funny side story I saw her on Saturday and we were talking and she went to her ward and a member asked who Sister Morrison and I were and he told sister Hunt, "It seems like you have a really good relationship with the one in the white shirt (me)." Even after being done training for almost a year people still are recognizing the relationship we have together!
Thursday- We spent 3 hours at an open house and only one person came, but it was someone we door knocked into so that was pretty cool! Also I played the piano for about an hour which was pretty exciting!
Friday- We had transfer calls!! Well I'm staying and I still get to be with Sister Morrison which is only like the best thing in the entire world!!!!!!!! Williamston isn't going to know what hit them! Well they might because we stick out and we share restored truths with anyone and everyone but hey then they'll know who to call when they have questions.
Saturday- We had like a full day of service! The stake got together and we helped our around the community because the Book of Mormon play is here and they want to show how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints is truly about. It was fun! I worked in a cemetary and pulled up about a total of like 200 flags with my group and we raked leaves. Only in Michigan will you rake leaves in the spring.....
Sunday- I gave a talk in church! So far I've given a talk in every ward I've been in and I also gave one in the MTC. It is crazy! I gave a talk on Charity and I based it off of Pres Monson's past conference talk. People said that I have good public speaking skills which is a very sweet compliment. It's because of my story telling class and I'm prety sure public speaking runs in my genes. Also it might just be a talent that Heavenly Father has so graciously given me., its probably the last one. I give the credit to him.
Spiritual Thought: I just want to quickly talk about charity. In Moroni 7:48 it says that we can obtain charity by praying for it with all the energy of heart. In Pres. Monson's talk it says that some of the greatest opportunities to show charity and love is in our own homes. I love the Hymn "Love at Home". Mom would sing it whenever there was contention and I am so grateful for that example to me and I've gained a testimony about how much singing hymns can bring the spirit. There is a line in that hymn that I love "There is One who smiles on high when there's love at home" I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so pleased with us when we show love towards our families and I know that we can obtain that love by praying and asking for it. "Ask and ye shall receive" I love my family and I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ strengthens families more than anything else as we live what we are taught! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love Always,

Sister Miranda Smith  
Lansing Sisters!

Elder Williams face is the best!!! 

Service Project - cleaning up the city :)
this is the crew that picked up the flags
 Elder Tu'ua is serving in another ward.
Elder Williams face is actually smiling now! 

Sister Smith and Sister Morrison

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