Monday, August 4, 2014

And Sister Smith goes too..........

Hey Family and those not sitting on cushions! (hehe)
   This week has been pretty great! Sister Morrison and I have grown a lot and have had our testimonies tried a little here and there, but no worries we are still loving the gospel and preaching it two by two.
Monday: Everything went pretty well. We got a lot of time to do whatever it was the we pleased.
Tuesday: We got to meet with our investigator Sandy after a really long time of not seeing her!! Summer is a bummer because you don't get to see your investigators a lot because they are always out of town!!!! People who are learning about the gospel should really just stay in town so they can get fed spiritually. It's okay though because she is moving forward and we are actually hoping to see her this evening!
Wednesday: Our last district meeting!!! It is always a sad moment when you may not ever see those missionaries again. Our district leader is also leaving for home this week so who knows we may never see him again! Its probably likely that we will, but you never know!
Thursday: Well we went and saw a less active and well he was nice, but challenged us on all of our beliefs. He kind of poked fun at the church which isn't always the most pleasant thing because I love this gospel and it's not great when people make fun of something that you love and know is true. This instance though was just the being of a crazy day though.... only as a missionary. Later that evening we door knocked into a woman and she just started talking about how she really hopes that we will see the truth. She really was a nice woman, but she was feeding us anti the entire time. At one point she asked "Does non of this concern you?" "Nope" was our quick reply. It's interesting how someone could beat down a book that they have never read before in their entire life. This church is Christ's church and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to stand up for it and the things I know are true.
Friday: Transfer calls were made!!! I was surprisingly very calm and collected while waiting for the call. Sister Morrison will be staying in Williamston training a new missionary!!! She'll do wonderful I just know it!!!! I have been transferred to labor in Bay City!!!!!! I'll actually be training a new missionary and white washing the area.... it is pretty crazy if you ask me. The Lord must of thought I did a decent job training Sister Morrison or I didn't do that great and He's kind enough to give me a second chance. I'm excited to grow and learn a lot! I'll be working hard and really learning how to rely on the Lord!
Saturday: We met this super sweet 15 year old girl named Alyssa and all she wants to do is follow Jesus Christ! She really is so kind and I feel and know that the gospel would help her so much in her life. He mother passed away when she was younger and she is now living with her grandma and 2 older sisters. She is strong and she is willing to meet with us again and she is going to read the Book of Mormon! I'm super excited to see where this goes!!!
Sunday: My last day in Williamston ward!!! Actually I don't think a lot of people know that I am leaving this area.... oh well they'll know when I'm not there next week. Oh also the relief society sang in sacrament!! It was my first time singing in a choir! I'm actually really enjoying singing. I may not have the best voice, but hymns bring the spirit so strongly and I love them!!!!
Spiritual Thought: I have once again learned that no matter how imperfect you are and how inadiquit you feel the Lord knows you better then you know yourself. He knows your potential and He knows exactly what you need in order to reach that potential. He's going to strech you and make you go outside your comfort zone, but all because he loves you and wants you to become what he know you can be. I know that as we rely on the Lord and trust that He knows what is best for us that we will be strengthened and that we will truly be able to see our "burdens become light" Matthew 11:28-30  and our "weaknesses become strengths" Ether 12:27. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love Always,

Sister Smith 

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