Monday, October 27, 2014

Everyday I'm Strugglin'

Hey Hey Hey Everybody!!! 
   Alright this week has been awesome!! Sister Chisholm is great and wonderful! We already are teaching well together and having a great ole' time laughing and getting to know each other. It is a little weird to be in Midland 2nd ward and to have the first ward like right by me but I can tell that I will love this ward just as much I love the first ward. Seriously though I am so excited for this next transfer I think that it is going to be great! Here is a totally random side note: while Sister Chisholm and I were in studies we discovered why missionary time is so weird. The Lord's time is like 1 day to our 1000 days well that is why our 18 months to 2 years feels so short because we are representatives of Jesus Christ therefore our time is going to be off and faster and not seem as long! We answered the million dollars question!!!!! Yeah!!! 
So this week's letter is going to be a little different then other weeks because I forgot my planner. I know that doesn't happen a lot but I did so I'm going to write you about what I studied everyday instead!! 
Monday: I already wrote you about the people of Ammon last week. Just know that I still love that story in The Book of Mormon and those people who changed so much to follow Jesus Christ. 
Tuesday: I was reading in Alma 28 and I got caught on the word light and why Jesus Christ is compared to being the light of the world. I then thought about all the attributes of light. It helps us see more clearly, it is a sense of happiness and warmth, light casts away darkness so light and dark can't occupy the same place. The sun is a great source of light and without it we would all die just like without Christ we would all die as well. Jesus Christ has the attributes of light. He helps us to see the end and helps us get through the darkness. When we have Christ in our lives we are happy and can feel the warm feeling of peace and comfort from the spirit and we follow the example of Christ. Light is a signal of hope and Jesus Christ is our signal of hope and is a beacon for us to follow. 
Wednesday: I ready in Alma 29 and in verse 10 in talks about Christ's merciful arm being extended towards us. I thought about myself and how His arm of mercy has been extended to me many times. I thought more about how I reacted to his arm of mercy. I sometimes turned away because of pride and feelings of unworthiness. I have also found myself latching on to His hand and letting him more fully guide me in my life. I thought more about why is it that we turn away from the Lord and His mercy. I pondered and cam to the realization that it is the small and simple things in life that bring us closer to Christ. I know that as we do those things we shall be guided and have the desire to cling to His hand that is ALWAYS extended out towards us no matter what. 
Thursday: I was reading in Alma 30 in verse 8 and it says "choose ye this day, whom ye will serve." I thought about what leads to the decision to follow Christ and His gospel. I came to the conclusion that it is by experimenting and seeing the fruits of following him. I then thought about why we choose not to follow Christ and the very first thing that came to my mind was pride. Pride keeps us from following Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ which lead me to think about how we can remain humble so that we may follow Christ. I came up with 3 things. 
1) Prayer: when we pray our will aligns with God's will
2) Count your blessings: we have the opportunity to recognize that all things come from the Lord and we are nothing compared to His greatness. 
3) Weaknesses: Ether 12:27- we are given weaknesses that we may be humble. Recognize our weaknesses and turn to the Lord to help them become strengths, they're there for a reason. 
Friday: I was in Alma 30 and I studied about small and simple things and how that helps us discern good from evil. I also studied the Law of Chasity. We talked about how it is one of the hardest commandments to keep because of all the influences that are in the world. We know that to keep the Law of Chastity it starts with our thoughts and how important it is to keep our thoughts pure and clean. It is important to surround ourselves with good uplifting things that help bring the spirit into our lives. Sometimes we have to make the decision to throw something out or to not watch or listen to that any more but there are so many blessing from keeping this law like: 
-Trust and confidence in family relationships
-happiness and peace
-self respect
-you'll be closer to God 
I know that it is so important that we surround ourselves with goodness so that we are being filled with the spirit! 
Saturday: I was in Alma 30 still and that sent me to a scripture in 2 Nephi 28:14 which talks about Satan and how he pacifies us and leads us carefully down to hell. Pacify means to settle or soothe. It also means to disarm. Satan tries to disarm us! We need to fight back by doing that small and simple things in our lives because that is what arms us. We can't think that the path of righteousness is too hard. It's hard I'm not going to lie but there is so much more happiness and joy that comes from following the commandments. It is so important to realize that it is by that small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. I thought of this little saying to help to have a great desire to do the small and simple things "We don't have to do the small and simple things, we GET to do them!" We are so blessed to have these things that protect us from Satan and we get to use them everyday!!! 
Sunday: I was reading in Alma 31 and verse 23 popped out to me. It says that the people worshiped God only at the time there are in their synagogues. How often do we find ourselves not worshiping Christ and Heavenly Father through out the week. Sometimes we go to church never to think about what we learned or what we did that week until we return to church the next week. It made me think about how important it is to treasure up in our hearts continually the words or life. We have to apply the things that we learn in order to repent which helps us to change and better follow Jesus Christ. 
I am so grateful for the chance that I get to study the gospel everyday and be filled with the spirit. It has blessed my life so much and I am so grateful. I invite all of you to "feast upon the words of Christ" In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
Love you lots, 
Sister Smith 

P.S sorry for the long email. 

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