Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Miranda's Last Email in the MTC Before She Leaves for Michigan

Dear Family,
Well I am about to leave for Michigan so I was able to write you fellas!!! So these last few days have been awesome just like every other day!!!! Last night was especially amazing! We had the Elders in our district give us sister missionaries blessings!! I think it was almost all of their first blessings so it was fantastic! So asked Elder Taylor to give me my blessing and it was his first blessing!!!! I was Elder Taylor's first blessing, how cool is that! Okay well all the blessings were short and just the sweetest! These young missionaries are so strong and you know that the Lord has prepared them for this time! I have learned so much from them and I'd like to think they are doing the same. Don't worry I wrote my blessing down in a journal so I won't forget it. That was probably the highlight of my MTC experience. So the other sisters in my district are gone, they left this morning for Boston so it is just me and Sister Mortensen with all the elders!! Haha! They're great so we don't really have too many problems. It is crazy how your district can become like a little family and how much you learn and support one another. It truly is amazing. I have loved seeing everyone grow and I hope that I will be able to see them out in the field and see the progress and growth they have made.
Oh also guess what Sister Mortensen and I got locked out of our room twice!!!! It was so funny until it happened a second time! So the second time we said a companion prayer to have Heavenly Father unlock the door and I really thought and believed that it would be unlocked, but it wasn't. A few seconds latter a worker came by and unlocked out door!!! Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers through other people!!! I just feel so blessed to have all these experiences!! I am just loving being a missionary. Don't get me wrong it is tough work and it takes so much out of you but I have learned and grown so much already!! Oh also I was chosen out of our whole zone to give a talk on Sunday. It was random, but I mean seriously out of everyone!!! It was on enduring to the end by the way. Also while we were on our temple walk Sunday there were protesters at the temple! It was weird! Well I am sorry but I have to go!! Sorry it is so short! I love you all and wish you a great week!
Love Always,
Sis. Smith

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