Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Purpose!!

Hey Family!!!
    How is everyone doing?? I hope all is going well with everyone and that they are feeling blessed! Haha! So... my week has been full of door knocking!!! I now fully understand what it means to have brass knuckles! We have a saying knock once for your salvation, knock twice for theirs. Also I have learned that almost every person in Michigan has dogs. All sorts of dogs. I've made it a goal to know what kind of dog is at the door by it's bark, it's a a pretty good goal if you ask me. We also say instead of door bells they have dog bells. It's pretty awesome. Sis. Hunt and I are to the point where we play games while walking. Just yesterday we played the game "Who would live in that house" We walk down the street and say who in our district would live in that house. It is pretty entertaining. If we are feeling like we need a little pick me up we'll say our Michigan Lansing Mission purpose. It's pretty great! Also I don't want to forget. Sis. Hunt and I have a GPS and we named her Lea and then our car's name is Hona. Like Lea-Hona. Haha missionary humor, it's the best! So this week while door knocking we meet a man named Robert. We talked with him for 45 minutes and at the end we invited him to come to church! HE CAME!!!! And he stayed all 3 hours. That is the first investigator to come to church!!! Yeah! (Happy Dance) I know God had a great part in this miracle of ours!! We have an appointment with him today and he is coming with us to an activity! I hope the spirit will touch his heart!
Sis. Hunt and I are doing great! She is awesome and teaches me a lot. It is so true that once you get on a mission you realize how much you don't know. I am trying to rely more on Heavenly Father than on myself. It is a work in progress like all things. We are being feed so much food! Luckily as a sister you are expected to eat less than the elders. Oh mom this is for you! You know  how you always wanted us kids to work on a farm well I did! The us and the elders did service for people in our ward who live on a farm! It wasn't like total farm work, but I had to pull some giant weeds and grass. It was pretty great, the weeds were like as tall as me! They have a barn and everything though so I was just in love with the country feel! We eat over there once a week and we have a blast! Missionary work is the best!!!
Alright so I want to have a little spiritual note. So I've been studying the Atonement the last two days and I have learned a lot. Our Savior has done so much for us, so we could live with our Father in Heaven. In Alma 7: 11-12 it talks about how Christ suffered our infirmities. I looked up what that meant in the Dictionary and it says sickness, but also "a personal failing". I really thought about that and it really gave me comfort. Christ knows how it feels when I and you fail. While I come up short and feel like I have failed he knows how to succor me. I also have learned to love the word succor, which means aid, and help. Jesus Christ knows how to help us and is always their to give us aid. That then made me think about how I use the Atonement in my life. Do I really use it to its full potential? I realized that I don't use it as often as I should. It is a gift that we need to be using everyday of our lives, not just to repent, but to help us get through those trials and short comings. I know that if we do this we will be able to see God's hand in our lives and that our burdens will be lighter. (Matthew 11: 28-30) I'm very grateful that I got the opportunity to study something so great and gracious as the Atonement.
I hope that all of you are doing well and that you are striving to do your very best every day and if you fall short it's okay, I do it all the time. Never give up and keep moving forward, Christ is always walking beside you. I love you all and wish you a very wonderful and happy week!! Enjoy going back to school, learning is fantastic!!!! Love you!!
Love Always,
Sis. Smith 

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