Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep Moving Forward!!

Dear Family,
     I hope everyone is doing well and that they are enjoying life. I hope those who have just started school are taking the time to enjoy learning and having that opportunity to grow.
    So this week has been pretty awesome, just like every week! On Tuesday we have another sister with us and her name is Sis. Whipple. She came into the field the same day I did. She is so sweet and I love learning from other people. While out door knocking we were able to meet Trayton. He is a 15 year old boy who had tons of questions. It was awesome! I loved getting to be there and feel the spirit. He was so excited about the BoM! We actually haven't been able to meet with him, so we are hoping we can this week because he was so golden! We can't let him go. Wednesday we had district meeting. Let me tell you, I have an awesome District Leader. He is so in tune with the spirit and he cares so much about us!!! I love getting to hear what he has to say about how we can improve ourselves and become better teachers. On Thursday we got the opportunity to door knock like all day!!!! I love door knocking I meet so many new people and it is pretty exciting. We met this lady who trains dogs for a living and she has trained like champion dogs. She also trains hospice dogs which is really neat. Her dogs were so well behaved. They have been my favorite dogs so far! Friday was awesome!!! Well actually Sis. Hunt was sick so we weren't able to go door knocking, but the Elders had a baptism and Robert was able to come! We were able to have a lesson with him about the BoM and the spirit was so strong then we were able to have a lesson with him on the Gospel of Jesus Christ but we only got to the part about repentance so... we didn't get through the whole thing. It was so great being able to go to a baptism while being a missionary and having an investigator there. It was just so amazing. On Saturday we were able to door knock which is always great except we didn't make very much progress which is kind of a bummer. That night though we were able to go to Lori's house and do some more service and we were able to eat Indian
tacos which are delicious!!!!! Sis. Hunt and I got to organize her food storage, which is in her basement. I really don't like spiders or spider webs. The Elders though, they got the best job of all!!! They got to clean the chicken coop. It was so funny watching them clean it. Farm work is the best!
    So I'm going to give a little thought. So Sis. Hunt had been sick for a few days, but on Friday it started to interfere with the work. So we had the elders come over and give her a blessing. I have a strong testimony of the priesthood. It just amazes me that Heavenly Father would give us such great power. When the elders anointed Sis. Hunt the spirit was instantly there. Her blessing was great and I knew it came from God. I just love that God gives that power to young men. Think about it, they have the power to act in God's name which means they are doing what Christ would do if He were there to do it. I am just so grateful that the priesthood is on the earth today and that it is here for everyone. We all have the opportunity to use it.

    I also have another thought. Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I have been praying for help and while I was studying in my scriptures I found my answer and I was given strength from what I read. It strengthened my testimony that God is there and that God does know each of us and what we are going through. He is always willing to help us and give us answers to our questions as long as we are willing to work and search for them. I feel so blessed to have had these opportunities that have strengthened my testimony and I know that you all can have experiences just like that if you have the faith and desire. I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
Love Always,
Sis. Smith   

This picture is of Elder Webb, Elder Hamelin, me and Sis. Hunt! We have ring pops on that Sis. Hunt's nephews gave her. This is at Lori's house after eating and doing service, so after the elders cleaned the chicken coop.
Let me tell you just a little about elder Hamelin. He is from Ammon, ID!! He actually was a ballroom dancer before his mission which is totally awesome. Both his parents are ball room dancers and so are his brothers. He is my other Zone Leader and both he and Elder Webb are awesome and are great examples to me and Sis. Hunt.Elder Hamelin has been out 18 months and Elder Webb has one transfer left. 

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