Monday, January 6, 2014

Whelp.... I've got nothin'

Dearest family and friends, 
   Hows yous doin's? Everyone from Michigan ends their words in s. It is pretty epics. 
Monday: We went to a concert at a baptist church. This was the first time I have ever been to another church besides my own. It was very interesting. You're probably thinking is that even possible, yes, yes it is. We went with members of our ward to support their friends. We also got a lot of weird looks because of our name tags, but it is pretty awesome. 
Tuesday: Sister Whip and I door knocked a lot this day. We knocked into a lot of more experienced people and it was just really funny because we had like 5 people open the door and say "I only came to the door because I thought you were my company coming." Haha how funny. At least they got to hear just a little bit about our message before closing the door to keep the warm air in their home. Priceless. 
Wednesday: Nothing sticks out too much in my mind for this day. Oh wait! We had dinner with members and they brought one of their friends! She had a ton of questions about missionary work and about the church itself. It was pretty great, we also had a lesson about the Book of Mormon. We challenged her to read it, hopefully she does cause that is truly how we gain our testimonies, by reading the word of God. 
Thursday: I WAS IN MT. PLEASANT!!!!!!! It was so great to go back to Mt. P. I got to see Alison Alpin a less-active that I worked with. I also got to see Robert!!!!!! He is doing great! He is a now a home teacher and he has the priesthood and he is going to bless the sacrament soon!! Isn't that so amazing!!! I also got to see Cassie another recent convert that I was able to teach. She is amazing!! She goes out with the missionaries all the time and helps them teach. She also wants to go on a mission and she loves the gospel and the scriptures. She is an example to me of such strength. I feel so blessed to have been an instrument in the Lord's hand to bring my brother and sister to their Savior and this true gospel!!! 
Friday: We had half mission training!! I love trainings they are just so amazing. They really are inspired. We also had a Christmas party which was pretty great! President Hess did the oreo challenge where you have to get the oreo into your mouth from your forehead in a minute! It was fantastic!! We also had departing testimonies and they were amazing!!! RMs (even though they aren't yet.) are amazing. Don't tell them to change when they get home, yes they are totally awkward, but they have a very special spirit and I love it! 
Saturday: Sister Toronjo and Dakota Toronjo did a special musical number for Sister Whipple and I for Christmas. Dakota played the violin while Sister Toronjo sang Christmas songs!! It was so great and one of the best Christmas presents ever!! I love the Toronjos!!!!!! 
Sunday: We had a lesson on the Law of Chasity and the Word of Wisdom with Austin and Dakota so a 12 year old and a 14 year old! It was pretty great!! HaHa!! Good thing their mom had already gotten to talking about that. I guess I am just getting practice for my own children! HaHa!!! I love being a missionary!! 
Well that was my week!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!! I love you all so so so much!!! 
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith 

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