Monday, March 31, 2014

February is coming to an end ALREADY!!!

Hey Family and Friends!!! 
   I hope that you have all had another great week and that you are enjoying yourselves. I just realized something... I pretty much start off every letter the exact same way, man I need to change some things up to keep all ya'll interested! Lets try this again, Top of the mornin' to ya! It is a beautiful 19 degrees outside and the sun in shining, what more could you ever ask for as a Michiganary! In other news, this week consisted of many wonderful days and many not so wonderful times, but that is missionary work! 
Monday- Sister Greene and I went to this store called Amish Reflections! Did I mention that we also saw a buggie and a cart on the road the other day. It probably does not sound that cool, but for some reason I just think it is so cool. That makes me think about how others see us missionaries.... no wonder they always tell us to act as Christ would at all times. Well anyways we went to the store and purchased some popcorn, I know you're probably thinking I am crazy, but that is okay. Oh also we went to Salvation Army and guess what! I got 2 skirts that fit and that are mission approved for less than 5 dollars! Seriously why did I never shop at second hand stores before my mission I don't know, but they are great! 
Tuesday- We met with this sweet less active girl (she is 24) and she is so nice. We had lunch with her and her visiting teachers. One of her visiting teachers just asked her plainly why she was not coming to church and she told us that she had no good excuse! We are hoping that we will be able to meet with her more often. She is so great also her name is Heather. 
Wednesday- Sister Greene and I helped out a family in the ward, who is moving to Saginaw, with cleaning out their home. It went well until we started to mop.... either we don't know how to mop very well or there was just so much dirt tracked onto the floor that we were unable to successfully get it cleaned, until we laid the mop aside and just got one our hands and knees to clean the floor. That is right mom, I cleaned a floor on my hands and knees without anyone asking me to do so. 
Thursday- Oh my goodness!!! We had only the best Zone Conference ever!!!!! The leaders in my mission are totally inspired! The spirit was so strong at this meeting and I knew what we were being taught would help us in the work! We talked about becoming pure vessels and sanctifying ourselves. We also talked about how we can find new people to teach. We also talked about making this map called the Gold Mine Map. I left that meeting so excited and pumped for missionary work!!! Hurrah for Israel!! Friday- Sister Greene and I made our Gold Mine Map which consists of all the Part member families, less actives, referrals, investigators and findings all organized by location and color on a map! I am convinced that RMs could all probably be really great detectives based on the work that we do in the mission field. 
Saturday- Okay this day was the worst!!! I work up feeling sick, but I went about my morning the same like with exercise, studies and lunch, but as we were getting ready to leave the apartment I broke down and ran to the bathroom and well.... the rest is history. I spent that day sleeping and laying in bed. It was the first day in my mission where I was really sick so I think I should be pretty grateful. 
Sunday- I was still not feeling awesome, but compared to the day before I was doing good! We met with a less active man named Robert and we talked with him and got to know him and his situation better. He agreed that he would met with us more often and talk with us which is really great!! His wife isn't a member so we are hoping that she will be interested in the gospel which would be so great!!! 
Spiritual Thought- I want to share with you a story called Plastic Pearls some of you may have heard this, but why not hear it again! There was a little girl who went to the store with her mom and saw a pair of plastic pearls. She instantly fell in love with them! She begged her mom to get them for her and her mom did. The little girl did everything with those pearls and she wore them all the time. One night her dad came in at night and tucked her into bed. He asked his daughter "Do you love me" she replied "Of course I love you daddy" 
"Even more then your plastic pearls"
"Yes, daddy"
"Then will you give me your pearls" he said 
"Daddy I love you, but I can't give you my pearls" Her dad said okay and left the room. The next night the little girl's dad came in and asked "Do you love me"  This time the little girl hopped out of her bed and said "Dad I'll give you anything! My jump rope, my dolls anything, but my plastic pearls!" Her dad kissed her goodnight, said okay and left the room. The next night the dad came in to tuck his daughter into bed and this time the little girl was out of bed and had her plastic pearls in her hand. The little girl told her dad "Dad you know I love you even more than I love my plastic pearls." The little girl handed over her plastic pearls to her dad. Her dad said "I always knew you did" and he pulled out of his pocket a real pearl necklace that he gave to his daughter. 
We tend to be like this little girl, we hold onto things that are good but we are missing out on the great things our Heavenly Father has in store for us. We don't realize that Heavenly Father always has something better for us all we need to do is trust in Him and His love. His love is greater than any love that we can imagine and He has much greater and more beautiful things in store for all of us if we give up those things that hold us back from obtaining them. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us and that he sent His son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. I know that as we come unto Christ and are perfected through Him that we will see all the beautiful gifts that Heavenly Father has to offer all of His children. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Love Always, 
Sister Miranda Smith 

P.S sorry for the long letter again....  

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