Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring is coming.....sort of.

Hey Family and Those who love me enough to read this, 
    You know how in Arizona during spring break you get to go to the lake and wear shorts and just enjoy the sunshine well...... in Michigan it is another story. For spring break here we get to wear coats, scarves, mittens, and layers of tights. Sister Greene and I were walking this week and we had a day in the 40s then it started to rain.... then it got colder....BUT on the bright side I can see some of the grass!!!!! I have missed the grass!! When I get home I am going to frolic through a field and have a huge smile on my face!! The crazy thing is that I will probably be really hot because I think 45 degrees is slightly hot now..... It's going to be a problem. 
Monday: Whom ever thinks that P-Days are nice and relaxing as a missionary was either never a missionary or they never served in a place like Midland. 
Tuesday: We had a lesson with Lisa! She is amazing!! She is so prepared like golden!!! She has already read the standard works once, and the Book of Mormon 3 times and she has already been taught all of the missionary lessons! She was taught by Sister Whipple and Sister Kane while she was home from being in China for DOW. She recently got back from China for good and wants to be baptized. The downfall is that her family is totally against the LDS church. We are praying that she will have the courage to tell them that she wants to be and is going to be baptized. 
Wednesday: We taught a less active woman named Sis. Wisniewski and she is so funny. She always says that we need to be proud of her and that she is attending church more often now. We are very happy that she is doing that, but we know that there is more that we need to do other than go to church. She is a wonderful funny lady though and we like teaching her! 
Thursday: We had a half-mission training!!!! I got to see Sister Hunt!!! It was awesome!!!! They also had departing testimonies and one of the assistants to the president is leaving and he gave a wonderful testimony. We talked a lot about becoming Book of Mormon missionaries meaning we are going to be using the Book of Mormon more than ever!!!! Which is pretty great cause I love that book!!! 
Friday: We celebrated pie day!!!!! A family in our ward, the Walls, celebrate pie day every year and they invited us and the elders to celebrate with them! I have probably the best pie I have ever had in my entire life!!! I have banana cream pie and blueberry pie and it was amazing!!! I loved it!!! 
Saturday: We ate dinner with the Lovells and I love their family! They are like every missionaries dream family! They are always inviting people to activities and to learn more about the church! It is amazing!! They also have cute kids so that is always exciting! They have a little 3 year old named Leah and she is so cute! 
Sunday: Sister Greene and I taught the Gospel Principles class. The lesson was on scriptures. Sister Greene and I decided that we would talk about feasting upon the words of Christ. I thought the lesson went pretty well, but I feel like not many people share the same enthusiasm as missionaries do for the scriptures. 
Spiritual Thought: Who loves having joy? I know that I love being happy and having joy! Do you know who else wants us to have joy, Heavenly Father. In 2 Nephi 2:25 it talks about how we are here to experience joy in this life. How are we able to experience joy when life is so full of opposition and things that just make life hard? The secret is that it is our choice. It is our choice to how we react to the opposition and trials that we have been given. In Alma 26:27 Alma was about to give up teaching the people when the voice of the Lord said to turn back and bear their afflictions with patience then they would see success. The Lord gives us trials so we can grow stronger. We have the choice to either move forward and be happy or to dwell on things of the past. I love the scripture in John 16:33 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." We can be cheerful because we have our Savior Jesus Christ who has overcome sin so that we can live with our Father in Heaven once more! Our mission president taught us to say "I think I'll decide to have faith in Jesus Christ," whenever we feel sad or discouraged. We have reason to rejoice and be happy always! Heavenly Father loves us and cares for all of His children and He wants us to be happy, but it is up to our decision whether we are happy or not. Happiness is a choice! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Love Always, 

Sister Miranda Smith 

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