Monday, June 9, 2014

I think spring is finally here!!

Hi Ya'll!!!!
    I'm trying to think of what happened this week and things come to my mind, but then I am like hummm.... is that really that important or do I have the desire to write out that entire story. I think it is interesting the long I am on my mission the less I want to write long emails.... don't worry though I will still write them I will just make sure that the stories I write will be like the bomb! You know what I'm saying'? Okay anyways I'm a little tired so don't make fun of me for my strange comments!
Monday: It was raining like crazy here, but it made for a greener week which is nice!
Tuesday: We met with one of our investigators named Bob or Bro. Rusch! He is a pretty neat guy. He is having like a Job moment in his life though which is a bummer but he is willing to read and pray which is great. I know that the gospel would truly help him through his trials more than anything else.
Wednesday: Sister Morrison and I taught our scripture study class! We broke down Mosiah 4 and we found how we could find more peace and happiness in this life. It was actually a pretty good lesson. It is amazing how much you learn when you break down the scriptures and you have a question in mind.
Thursday: We had invited a woman a while ago to the family history center and we were finally able to meet with her there. The best part about this is that she was interested in why we are so involved in family history work and she wants to meet with us and learn more about it! This is one of the goals that we have this transfer which is to baptize someone through the efforts of family history!
Friday: We did a ton of service for our investigator Angie! The Elders were there to help which was great because it was some hard work. We had to dig up rocks then we have to take them to her back yard and empty the container out then go back and do it again. It wouldn't be so bad but we did it for like 2 hours and your arms start to get really tired. Elder Williams said "I'm going to have a heart attack!" and he was a wrestler in high school so the rest of us were beat.
Saturday: We contacted a ton of referrals because we finally had a car! We also ate with the Ruggieris and I just love that family! They also invited their neighbors over which is always great!
Sunday: We actually door knocked into this woman who is so prepared she just doesn't know it!! She was asking all these great questions that the gospel would answer but she wasn't willing to meet with us, but she did say that she might come to church and if she likes it she would meet with us!! We are hoping and praying that she comes to church!
Well I don't have much time left sorry!!!!!
I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!!!
Love Always,
Sister Smith

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