Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey everyone!!!
This is going to be very short because we have to be somewhere for transfers! This week didn't have a lot going on really. Sister Murri and Sister Flora were pretty sick this week so we had to stay in for a while which is always a bummer for the healthy one. Sister Murri and I did study some deep doctrine though which is always fun! Sister Murri and I were able to go out just me and her because Sister Flora was feeling sick still so that was really cool to be in a duo for the day!
I am staying here in Lansing for this transfer which I am pretty excited about because I don't have to go through the stresses of packing!!! HaHa!!! I do have to organize and clean our apartment though which is kind of a bummer but I am super happy that I will be having a nice clean apartment! I will also be going down to a duo this transfer as well which I am pretty excited about!
Our investigators are pretty sad to see Sister Flora and Sister Murri leave and we got some great pictures with people from the ward and who we are teaching and I will send some of those to you next week!!!
Well I have got to go but thank you all for you prayers and for your missionary efforts wherever you are!!! The Lord loves all of you very much!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!!!!
Love Always,

Sister Smith 

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