Monday, June 9, 2014

Mosquitoes, tans, and the gospel!!

Hey Hey Hey!!!!
   We are alive and well and enjoying the sunny muggy days in Michigan! Oh man I thought Arizona had a lot of mosquitos but let me tell you there are none in Arizona NONE!!! Michigan is full of the blood sucking insects and it is the worst thing ever!!!!!! They pretty much swarm you and try to kill you! We were door knocking yesterday and we got attacked by them!! It made missionary work just that much more complicated, but hey I love the gospel I promised that I would share it in any condition. We got through -33 degrees what's only about 100 mosquitoes around you compared to that?? Well here is my crazy week!!
Monday- We went to a going away/ Memorial day party for the Ruggieris. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people came out to the party which was great! They had invited a lot of their friends and members and it was a great missionary opportunity!
Tuesday- We had a Zone Conference!! We learned a lot about having the spirit with us so that we can become better teachers and better at finding those who are prepared to receive the restored gospel. I love Zone Conferences I feel like they are always exactly what we need and it is just the best thing ever! I love how inspired our leaders are and how willing they are to help us in the work!
Wednesday- We taught a scripture study class and it went really well!! The spirit was really there and it was amazing just to feel it so strongly when talking about the restoration of the gospel! In the class we used both the Book of Mormon and the Bible to support one another about the restoration and that is was prophesied in both of them!
Thursday- We had a good time door knocking and we meet some sweet people!
Friday- I was at MSU campus with Sister Brems! She is my sister training leader! She is great! MSU was fun but pretty empty! Lucky for us though we had 3 lessons scheduled so we weren't out finding for a lot of the time. It was really fun to be with her!
Saturday- Oh super neat experience! Sister Morrison and I had like a 3 mile walk to get to our destination where we were going to door knock and we wanted to make sure that we used that walking time to the best of our abilities! Well we decided to pray that the Lord would provide people for us to talk to while we were walking and well of course he did!!!! We were able to talk to like 10 people on the way to our neighborhood and the crazy part is that we talked to more people on the way there than we actually did while we were door knocking so it was really cool to know that the Lord is involved in everything!!!!
Sunday- Once again I just really love church and I am so grateful that I get that time to think of Christ while taking the sacrament!
Spiritual Thought- This week while in studies Sister Morrison and I were talking and we were talking about charity and how important it is to have charity. We talked about how it is because of the love that Heavenly Father has for us that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us and it is because of the love Christ has for not only us but for his Father that the Atonement was able to take place. It was the ultimate sign of love from both our Heavenly Father and our Savior. It made me think how all that we do is out of love for our Heavenly Father, our Savior and others. I just sat in studies for a moment and thought how much we all need to have charity for one another and it almost made me cry because I pondered about how much love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have love for one another and how much love they have for me and all of God's children. I know that charity drives us to do righteous things for others and I know that we are so deeply loved by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love Always,

Sister Smith  

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Mosquito Bites!

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