Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Transfer almost over!!!!

Hey Family and Friends,
    I hope that you all had and enjoyable week and enjoyed the holiday weekend! I'm not breaking any rules, the library was just closed yesterday so we were allowed to have emailing time today! This week was great! We saw more miracles and we have had an fun time!
Monday: Well we had a lesson with Patty! We had met her while doing service for a member and she is great! We also have a lesson with her tonight which we are looking forward too! We are hoping that she'll come to church this Sunday!
Tuesday: We were on companion exchanges! We did service for some members who were moving which was nice. We also had a lesson with Albert! He was having like his last lesson  before he is baptized!!!
Wednesday: Zone Conference!!!! I love meeting with missionaries! It is so great and I learn a ton! We talked about planning and study which is actually a topic that is talked about a lot in training's! Oh and we sat by Sister Jacobsen and she asked about our area and told her about the miracles that we have seen and she said that our table should have balloons, it was pretty funny! Also I had a few people who work in the office who made the connection that I was the missionary that passed out.... haha! It was pretty funny actually! Seriously though training's are so uplifting and it gives you the drive to go and and be better!
Thursday: Oh man! We met 4 teenagers/ kids while door knocking this evening! Tyler (17), Nathan (16), Logan (14) and Caleb (8). It was an interesting door contact but man they really listened! The two older ones are friends that live across the street from each other and they don't believe that there is a God. They younger two believe that God exists and they was to know Him better. We talked to them at their door step for about an hour and by the end Tyler said, "To be completely honest you two are the only people who have ever got me to think that there could actually be a God." Well it wasn't us, but it was the scriptures and the spirit that helped more than anything!
Friday: We met with the Guiths again. Misty wasn't there but Carl and Donivan were! Donivan really liked learning about everything and he was excited! He kept saying that he wanted to be baptized. He doesn't fully understand yet the commitment that is but we're working towards it! He's a great kid though and we love to teach their family.
Saturday: We met with Nathan and Tyler again. We talked all about faith and repentance. It was actually pretty great! We talked a lot about Alma the Younger and his conversion story and how through Christ we can be cleansed and have our burdens lifted! It is crazy how much I was to help these guys out! I want them to believe in God and know that he is there for them! Tyler said a great prayer and the end of the lesson saying that he really does believe in God! Like what the??? That's awesome!!
   We also had Albert's baptism!!!!! It went great! Albert was happy and we were happy! The spirit was there and I could stop smiling. I actually tried to stop because my cheeks hurt but I could keep it away for more than a minute at most! It was great! So Great!!!
Sunday: It was a little crazy. Donivan and Misty came to church which was great!!!! But sometimes is gets a little complicated with investigators at church. I'm always a lot more on my toes especially when it is their first time coming. I'm not sure if I could handle having a lot of investigators at church! Haha But I still want them to come we just need to get more fellow shippers!
Spiritual Thought: I studied a lot yesterday on sacrifices. There are so many people who made sacrifices to follow Jesus Christ, some of the biggest sacrifices we made by the apostles who dropped all that they knew to follow Christ and be part of his earthly ministry. I made me think about the small and simple scarifies that I have to make in my day to day to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and then I thought about some of the big sacrifices that I make in my life to follow Jesus Christ. It is hard to make sacrifices, but I know that it is so much better to follow Jesus Christ then to follow anyone else. Life is is happier and it has a lot less sorrow when you follow Christ. I know that when we do heed his call to "Come, Follow Me" we will be greatly blessed and be welcome into the Kingdom of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love Always,

Sister Smith  
p.s I'm probably allergic to mango's. 

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