Monday, September 8, 2014

Miracles in Bay City, baby!!!

Hey there!!!
  Okay so this week was just amazing and left me aw-struck! I love being a missionary and I love the gospel!! There is no where I'd rather be then here in the Michigan Lansing Mission in the Bay City area!!! (sorry family) Bay City is so prepared it is just going to explode with missionary work!!! Also Sister Morrison said told me that people from my last area are going to be baptized! Like What!!?
Monday: We had dinner at the river walk with a member of the ward! Bay City is a neat little city thing and I love it! One day I will ride a bike down the river walk and it will be a lot of fun!
Tuesday: Miracle #1- We door knocked into a woman named Amy a few weeks ago and she said that if we were in the area we could stop by. A few nights later in my evening prayers I asked to know who the prepared people are in this area and Amy's name came straight to my mind, so the next night in planning I said that we should go and visit her so we did! She talked with us for a bit and really opened up to us about her life and how much she needs help and help for her family. Well we testified to her that this would help her. We are going to be meeting with her tomorrow! Miracle #2- We were coming home from a dinner appointment with a member and stopped to talk with a man working in his yard. He wasn't too interested and we talked a bit more and by the end we had a return appointment. We have been striving to listen to people a lot lately especially with love and it was been great! They opened up to us and we were able to teach them about prayer and invite them to church. At the end their son Donivan, who is 10, said he'd say the prayer. It was the sweetest, most heartfelt prayer ever!!! We are going to see them on Wednesday this week! Miracles #3- While we were out heading into an apartment complex we saw a young man sitting there and he looked a little upset and I had the thought to talk with him, so we did. After talking it turns out that he was stuck on that end of town and didn't have a way back. We asked if we could help and we let his use our phone to call a friend. We started talking to him about his life and what he hopes for and we tied Christ into that and how He helps us reach our goals. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we got a return appointment with him for that Thursday.
Wednesday: Miracles #4- We have previously received a referral from and we set up a time to meet with David. He is seriously so prepared to accept the gospel. He soaked it all in and he was just sitting there listening! It was crazy!!! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!! We just have to put him on date now. Miracle #5- We set up a time to meet with a family called the Martinez family and well it was a miracle to meet with them. We talked about how the gospel blesses families and how family prayer can help us build strong relationships with one another. There spirit was definitely there!
Thursday: We had our return appointment with  Zack, the guy that got stuck on the other side of town. It went pretty well. He had read the intro to the Book of Mormon and said that he felt the spirit when he was reading it! It was the BEST!! The only thing is that he doesn't have a cell phone that works and he works a lot so it is kind of hard to get a hold of him so hopefully we'll get to see him again soon!
Friday: We helped out a member of the ward move, which is actually quite sad because they have done a lot for the ward in Bay City and they are going to be greatly missed.
Saturday: We got to work at a Family History Booth which was actually quite great! I have grown a love for family history while on my mission! It is so fun to help others find their ancestors and feel connected to them. There was a few people who just loved finding their ancestors and it was great!!! It was also a creative way to find people to teach!
Sunday: We had 4 investigators at church this Sunday! It was awesome!! We also had a linger longer which was great! There was some pretty great food as well! Oh I was also able to see some people from my past areas who came up to hear the family speak who is moving! It was just wonderful, so wonderful!
Spiritual Thought: I really am not sure what to talk about today.... Got It!
1 Nephi 15: 24 "And I said unto then that it was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction."
It is so important that we hold to the scriptures and that we study from them everyday! They are the words of eternal life! As we apply what the scriptures teach us we will be able to avoid the fiery darts of the adversary and it seems like now-a-days that we need that protection more then ever before. We need to cling to the iron rod and look forward to the tree of life and the gift of eternal life which is the greatest of all gifts from our Heavenly Father(1 Ne 15:36). I know with all my heart that the scriptures are true and that when we hold fast to them that we shall not worry because we will have our foundations build upon our Savior, Jesus Christ (Hel 5:12). I would invite you all to cling to the word of God which will tell you all things what ye should do(2 Ne 32:3)! I know that if you read the words of God everyday that you will truly see a difference in your life and you will start to see how God is truly in control of our lives and how much He loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all so much!!
Love Always,
Sister Smith

P.S sorry for the long letter...
Foot Tan Baby!

My Poor Shoes and Feet!

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