Monday, December 29, 2014

Grateful in any Circumstances!

Dear Family and Friends! 
  As you feasted this Thanksgiving I hope that we were all able to feast upon the words of Christ. There is a quote that goes "You don't have to read your scriptures everyday just only on the days that you want to eat." We always remember to feed our stomachs now we need to always remember to feed our spirits! 
This week was a little bit of a crazy one but all things are well and in working order! Take a peak into my week! 
Monday: We played volleyball as a district and that was seriously so much fun! We played for a few hours. I'm surprised it didn't get really intense because we have a lot of competitive people but we didn't keep score just like that whitehand book says and I really think that helped us out. Haha we all had the most red arms but we all were laughing! The p-days are so great! 
Tuesday: This day was a little nuts too! We had to get our oil changed and tire rotated for our car in the middle of the day so we were car less for like 4 hours, but luckily we got it back but the late afternoon which is a lot faster then we thought and we were able to continue in full force our missionary efforts in Midland! haha! 
Wednesday: We had our final district meeting of the transfer which is always sad but fun because we get to take pictures and things like that. We had one of the most amazing lessons though! It was seriously so great! It was with Jason! Every single time we teach him I'm pretty sure I get taught more then him! We had a church tour with him and he loved it! He loves the way he felt while he sat in the chapel. We talked about the sacrament and why it's important and we also talked about fasting and how he could fast about how to help his wife understand and accept him being taught by the missionaries. Sister Chisholm and I walked away from the lesson just in aww of Jason and his desire to truly come unto Christ. #soblessed! 
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Alright we went door knocking and my experience was not like last years! We met this super nice woman named Janice, she wasn't interested but she was just so kind and it was just nice not to get yelled at. The actual feast part of Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had it with recent converts in our ward who we are love! Sister Chisholm and I helped make some of the food as well. We also watched The Restoration with them. It really was great! There was so much food! Oh and I only went to one dinner. I don't think I could handle two anyways. But this is not all to our Thanksgiving festivities..... We came home from our dinner appointment to grab bike helmets for the elders and well... we came home to a flooded kitchen and soaking wet carpet! Grateful in any circumstances for sure! Sister Chisholm and I walked through the door and just started to laugh because we didn't know what to do! After laughing and wondering what we should do we called the district leader. We had a full clean up crew! Oh man it was seriously so funny! we did not know anything. We finally called the maintenance people who came and checked it out. They called this water sucker guy and he came and sucked the water out of our carpet at 12:30 in the morning..... it was a long night to say the least and we're still expected to wake up in the morning at 6:30. Lets just say we've been praying for patience and we got it! :D
Friday: Our apartment is a huge mess and we have to weekly plan with people coming in and out of our apartment.... haha! It was kind of hard to focus and on top of it all we had transfer calls which already gets you a little uneasy. Luckily we got our phone call after an agonizing wait we found out that Sister Chisholm and I will be staying together and that we will be training together til I get transfered. We are super excited about it and look forward to the time that we have together! It's going to be great! 
Saturday: We got a new investigator!!!! Yeah!!!! We are so excited! It is a guy named Jared. He has two kids they are 6 and 3. We gave him a chruch tour which went well. He also got to meet members from the ward which was great! Unfortunately... he works on Sundays.... we're glad he has a job but we're going to have to help him find a way to get to church! :D Prayer is a powerful thing! 
Sunday: It was so great to go to church and take the sacrament. I love the testimony that I have been able to build on my mission for the sacrament it truly brings me peace into my heart as I take it and remember my covenants and Savior. We had a really good lesson with our investigator Penny! We really focused on using the scriptures and testifying to what they say and it brought great power to our lesson and it was wonderful. It reminds my of one of my favorite scriptures 2 Nephi 33:10 which talks about the Book of Mormon being the words of Christ! I know the scriptures are true! 
Spiritual Thought: In my studies I have been reading a lot about the wars in the Book of Mormon and what I have been getting from them a lot is that it is so important to be prepared for the things to come! It is so important that we prepare for what is so come. It also helps to listen to the prophet's voice who is the mouth piece of God. I know that it is so important to prepare and that by listening to the prophet we can be more prepared for the things which are to come. Follow the Prophet! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
Love Always, 

Sister Smith 

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