Monday, December 29, 2014

Not Eternity Week!!!!

Dearest Family and Friends! 
  How is everyone doing?? I hope all is going well wherever you may be! Can you believe that Christmas is only 17 days away! Wow how time flies!! That is seriously so crazy!! I hope that you all have had the chance to watch the He is the Gift video produced by the church! It is so wonderful and I just love it!!!! If you haven't seen it take the 3 minutes to watch it then share it with everyone else!! :D
Monday: Oh man! We have a very crazy P-Day! We were running around like mad people! We did however get to ride in the transfer van which is always the greatest! Also I saw Sister Morrison!!!!!! It was a complete gift to see her!!!! It's funny because I've just been praying to see her before I leave and I got to!!! Heavenly Father sincerely cares about the small and simple things of our lives! 
Tuesday: Alright, I was in a trio on MSU campus with Sister Tate, Sister Chisholm and I and we personal contacted on campus all day long..... lets just say it was a tiring day. Oh funny story we were door knocking apartments and we talked to this guy named Franco and he really was not interested in what we had to say so after talking to him just a bit we said bye and walked down the hall to knock on another door but we realized that they had shouted "Go Away" earlier at us so we walked back towards his apartment. As we knocked on another door we heard Franco say "THey're sisters! That's why they're so religious, they can't find a man!" Sister Tate looks at us and says "We're not nuns!" I about died from laughing! I had to actually leave the hallway so they couldn't hear us laugh! it was a great moment! Memories! 
Wednesday: We got to go to the hospital and take a break from PCing which we were really grateful for! We sang Christmas hymns to people in the hospital which was very sweet but I still find hospitals a little eerie.... that's just me though. 
Thursday: We finally got to pick up our new companion!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Her name is Sister Lau! She is from Buckeye AZ which is awesome! She was born in England which is pretty sweet and her dad is from Hong Kong! Haha her first time door knocking we knocked into this man who totally criticized the Book of Mormon and denied Sister Chisholm's testimony..... now if that doesn't break you in I don't know what will! She is great though! 
Friday: We got to walk through the Midland Nativity Exhibit with our investigator Jason! He loved it which was great! And we loved it as well! It seriously was amazing. I've already seen it and this year it was just great again! I would love to come back to Midland every year to see it! You feel the spirit of Christmas so much it is amazing! It has a special spirit. 
Saturday: I just want to say that the weather in Michigan has been amazing and I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father is giving us all a break because of last year and I am so eternally grateful for this blessing of high 30s! I mean I don't really even have to wear tights! When I come home it's shorts and a short sleeve! We also helped at the Nativity that night as well! 
Sunday: We had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting with both of our wards!!! Awww can I just tell all of you how much I love Midland. It seriously is my home away from home! I love the wards and the people and I don't want to leave it! I just love Midland Stake! I'm pretty sure I'm just going to come back and live here (sorry mom and dad) :D Also I realized that this was my last fast and testimony meeting on my mission...... what the!!! I was fighting so much about getting up but my heart was beating and I couldn't hold it back any longer! I just had to share one last time and it was with everyone that I love so it was a sweet treat that my Heavenly Father gave me. 
Spiritual Thought: I hope that you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional last night, I know I did! It was so great! I loved the songs the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang! It brought a very sweet spirit into the chapel. I wanted to talk about a thought that came to me while watching. It was "Service heals the wounded Soul" I have learned so much about serving others while on my mission. It is one of the greatest healing balms ever. There is nothing quite like forgetting yourself and helping another one of God's children. We can be the Savior's hands while we are here in mortality. I feel like service is one of the greatest things that our Savior was an exemplar of. He served everywhere he went and as disciples of Christ we are invited to do the same. I know that our hearts will be filled and the cracks that we may feel during this season or anytime of the year can be healed and mended by our loving service towards our fellow brothers and sisters. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
Love Always, 

Sister Smith 

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