Monday, December 29, 2014


Today we would like to commemorate the life of Sister Miranda Smith. She passes away on December 31st leaving her old life to embark on a new journey in a world that is unknown to many. 
Sister Smith lived a wonderful life full of door knocking and sharing the gospel to all that she could. She was born in Mt. Pleasant, MI to Melissa Hunt who passed on about 6 months ago. Sister Smith learned how to work and adjusted to being a missionary. She learned very much from her trainer and remembers the sweet love and kindness that was shown to her as she was still getting to know how to be a missionary. 
She was then able to spread her wings and her transfers took her to Midland 1st ward where she spent 6 months of her life. She served with Sister Whipple and endured one of the harshest winters that Michigan has seen in many years. She survived the polar vortex! Together Sister Whipple and her knocked on doors all the day long but never lost hope of finding those that would receive them. 
The time then came for Sister Whipple to move and then Sister Greene came in. Their time together was short but many laughs happened and also a lot of learning about how to work with members! 
After Sister's Smith long stay in Midland she was transferred to Williamston which is outside East Lansing. There she was in a trio and learned more about how she had that desire to bring others to Christ. While serving there she was told that she would be training! Her first daughter's name is Sister Morrison who now resides in Wyoming, MI. Their hard work and effort helped the Williamston area to take root and they saw many miracles take place! 
Her life took an unexpected turn! In July she was told that she would be having another daughter and that she would white wash the area of Bay City. Sister Jordan, her second daughter, came into the field running! Together they too witnessed many miracles in Bay City! the work was definitely hastening there, the flood gates were opening! While there they also go to participate in the River of Time which is where they lived as the Mormon Battalion for a few days. Many memories were made. Sister Jordan still resides in Bay City. 
Once again her time had come to an end and another unexpected twist happened, she would be adopting a daughter! This took Sister Smith back to some of her old roots in Midland but this time being in the 2nd ward! Together Sister Chisholm and Smith built a great relationship and they laughed and taught one another many things. They were saddened by the thought that their time together might come to an end..... but! They received the news that they would would be getting a daughter! Yeah!!! They joy that they had! 
The legend of Sister Smith will live on through her children and grandchildren. She is very pleased with them and happy to have had the opportunity to serve with all of them! 
Sister Smith in her last days has been with Sister Lau and Sister Chisholm in her home away from home, Midland. As she has reflected on her life she is go grateful for the opportunity to live as a missionary and to have served with such wonderful people. Her testimony of the gospel has grown and she wouldn't be who she is today without her mission in the Michigan Lansing Mission. She knows with all her heart that the teachings of Christ are true and that as we all follow them we will receive the greatest amounts of happiness and joy. Because of her mission her life has been forever changed and as well she has been able to see the lives of others change which she is eternally grateful for. She invites all to come unto Christ and partake of His atonement and the peace that comes with it! She loves you all and is thankful for the support and love that has been shown to her the year and a half. Until we meet again! 
Love Always, 

Sister Smith 

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